Tragic Twist of Fate: Mother Found Stabbed in Car, Son Dies on Railway Tracks Nearby

Police initiates murder investigation, suspecting connection between the two deaths.

A tragic incident unfolded in Pangbourne, UK as a mother-of-three was discovered stabbed to death in her car, followed shortly by the death of an 18-year-old boy, believed to be her son, who was hit by a train nearby, an inquest revealed.

Mayawati Bracken, 56, was found with stab wounds to her chest inside her Lexus on the A340 Tidmarsh Road on January 4, following reports of a road traffic collision. Despite receiving medical attention, she succumbed to her injuries at the scene approximately at 5:45pm. About 30 minutes later, Julian Putra Bracken was pronounced dead on a nearby railway track.

wman and son murdered

Thames Valley Police initiated a murder investigation, suspecting a connection between the two deaths, although the exact circumstances remained unclear. During separate inquest openings at Berkshire Coroner's Court, Assistant Coroner Alison McCormick disclosed that both victims resided in the same house on Chestnuts, Flower's Hill, Pangbourne. Mayawati Bracken, referred to as "Maya," was identified as a housewife, while Julian was a student.

"A post-mortem examination indicated the provisional cause of death for Ms. Bracken as shock and haemorrhage due to a stab wound to the chest," stated the coroner. Regarding Julian's death, she confirmed, "Julian died on January 4, 2024, at the railway tracks near Pangbourne."

Further examination revealed that Julian sustained "multiple injuries," according to the coroner's report. Full inquests into both deaths are scheduled for a later date. Mayawati Bracken, originally from Indonesia, had lived in Hong Kong before relocating to the UK around a decade ago, as reported by the Reading Chronicle.

Following the tragic incident, acquaintances expressed shock and grief. One friend remembered Mayawati as an "amazing, quirky, hilarious woman," while a neighbor described her as "happy" yet "very quiet."

Detective Superintendent Kevin Brown of Thames Valley Police extended condolences to the families, acknowledging the complexity of the ongoing investigation. "We are treating the two deaths as linked," he stated, emphasizing that there is currently no perceived threat to public safety.

The incident remains under investigation as authorities continue to piece together the events leading to the tragic deaths.