Traffic Jam? No, You Will be Surprised to Know Why These People are Waiting in Long Queue in UK

Popular food chain McDonald's has resumed its services at 39 sites in the UK amid the Coronavirus outbreak.

In an attempt to reduce the rising number of Coronavirus cases, many countries have imposed a mandatory lockdown compelling people to stay at home. Due to this, people all over the world are forced to cook for themselves saying a short-time goodbye to their favorite food joints.

However, on Wednesday, May 20, some places in the UK witnessed a lot of chaos and dozens of cars were spotted as if there was a huge traffic block. But it had nothing to do with any mishap as people were waiting for hours just to pick up food after a popular food chain reopened its outlets in south-east England and in Dublin on a trial basis.

After being shut for nearly two months, McDonald's in the UK reopened their drive-throughs post lockdown, and several videos captured from multiple sites show more than 40 cars waiting to pick the food, clearly indicating how much people were craving for McD items.

Dozens of cars spotted at McDonald's drive-through
Dozens of cars were spotted waiting to enter the McDonald's drive-through in multiple locations in the UK amid the Coronavirus scare. Mallow News/Twitter

It is understood that McDonald's has resumed its services at 39 sites in the UK that are close to one of their distribution centers, between 11 am and 10 pm. However, they are only offering a limited menu, and customers are only allowed to spend a maximum of £25 per car. Meanwhile, ensuring the safety of the staff, the restaurant comes up with extra social distancing and contactless payment guidelines.

The videos from different McDonald's locations showed long queues where customers have to wait for more than two hours. One such video, shared by Will Gavin, has this caption: "McDonald's Drive-Thru opened in Sutton today, here's the queue..." The video posted on Twitter, has been viewed over 2.2 million times at the time of reporting.

However, some netizens find people waiting to order from a fast-food chain in the time of pandemic to be ridiculous. "Ridiculous & also quite sad that anyone is that desperate for fast food," commented a social media user. "Broken Britain. Where fools queue for hours in the burning sun to hand over their money for a small patty of tepid, tasteless, corporate meat," wrote another Twitter user.

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Ryan Stark Addy

Some folk are just lazy an won't cook


Lockdown was a wake up call to change your lifestyle, and Stop you from being so reliant on fast food like Mcdonalds. I guess these ppl didn't realise that

Graham Brown

Hottest day of the year. What better way to spend it then waiting in a car for hours for cheap nasty fast food

Dave Jones

It is crazy isn't it Chris and just to think the burger has the same nutritional value as the box it comes in! No wonder there is a childhood obesity problem in this country

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