TR-3B or Alien Tech: Triangular UFO Spotted Over New Jersey Raises a Million Questions

Several conspiracy theorists argue that TR-3B is an advanced space vessel developed by the United States army using alien technology

UFO New Jersey
Triangular UFO above New Jersey YouTube: Ovni Vids

Even though government-funded projects like AATIP (Advanced Aerial Threat Identification Program) have failed to uncover the mysteries surrounding UFO sightings, conspiracy theorists strongly argue that the mysterious flying vessels are proof of extraterrestrial existence. Interestingly, there are several instances where triangular UFOs were spotted in the skies, especially in the United States, and until now, no expert has succeeded in giving a proper explanation on some convincing sightings.

Black Triangular UFO Appears Again

The recent sighting of the alleged triangular UFO happened over Winslow Township in New Jersey. The video shows three unknown flying objects hovering in the skies in a triangular formation. As the footage went viral, self-proclaimed UFO hunter Scott C Waring analyzed it and claimed that the unknown flying vessel could be an alien ship from deep space.

Waring also claimed that advanced aliens are using cloaking technology to monitor human activities.

"Watch this video and you will see three glowing lights pass above the eyewitness. The lights are in a triangle formation and could actually be one large craft. The UFO is cloaked and only these lights are visible. The lights may be windows into the ship and aliens may be watching from above, or they may be part of the propulsion system. Either way, this is some remarkable footage," wrote Waring on his website ET Data Base.

Aliens or Human Technology?

Even though alien enthusiasts consider the UFO sightings as solid proof of extraterrestrial existence, a section of conspiracy theorists argues that the flying vessels could be human-made space ships. According to the conspiracy theorists, the US government had built an advanced triangular spaceship named TR-3B during the time of the Gulf War, and they claim that the vessels are being used for spying activities.

Some other conspiracy theorists believe that US President Donald Trump's Space Force is operational in the skies, and they might be conducting routine patrolling to find suspicious activities.

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