Real Alien Caught on Camera? Bizarre Footage Shared on YouTube Sparks Frenzy (VIDEO)

After Watching the Video, Conspiracy Theorists Soon Confirmed That This Footage is a Clear Proof of Alien Existence

The existence of aliens has been a hot debating topic among conspiracy theorists and space scientists for years. Conspiracy theorists strongly believe that extraterrestrial aliens from an advanced civilization used to visit earth regularly, and they consider UFO sightings are concrete evidence that proves their presence on earth.

Recently, a YouTube channel named Charlene Cox has shared an eerie video that shows a glowing figure caught on a security camera installed in Ohio. The footage shows a grey being which seemingly has a face and limbs apparently evaporating into smoke.

Real Alien Caught on Security Camera?

Reptilian aliens
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As the video uploaded by Cox went viral, prominent UFO hunter Scott C Waring analyzed the clip, and he outlandishly confirmed that the strange being captured on camera could be most probably an alien. The self-proclaimed alien researcher claimed that aliens are now visiting earth to abduct human beings.

"I have read many reports about alien visitation on farms and ranches, but this is the first in many years that has actual raw footage of the event to back it up. I am just blown away. Alien visitation is the rarest of rare events. Is this footage of the alien leaving happen after it abducted a member of her family or not? Most abductees do not remember the events because their memory is erased. This may be the case here. Lost time can't be noted since they were sleeping and would not be aware of time passage," wrote Waring on his website ET Data Base.

The Words of a Top Journalist About Alien Abductions

A few days back, investigative journalist Leslie Keane talked about the testimonials shared by alien abductees. According to Keane, the lives of these victims have shared upside down after the abduction incidents.

"Their lives have been turned upside down by these experiences. However, this is not something I have studied in-depth and it has never been the focus of my work as a reporter. I don't feel qualified to draw conclusions about it. It points to the greater complexity of this issue which goes beyond any simple hypothesis," said Keane.

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