Touch bar to replace iconic Apple home button in iPhone 8

iPhone 8, which will cost more than $1000 dollars, is expected to launch in September 2017

By now it has been quite clear that the upcoming, much talked about iPhone 8 will finally get rid of its iconic home button. However, it is not yet comprehensible what would replace it. As far back as September, last year, Apple had been rumoured to move to an edge-to-edge OLED display that would support virtual buttons. Now, Apple analyst for the KGI Securities Ming-Chi-Kuo's report, coupled with some other rumors,

Now, according to Apple analyst for the KGI Securities Ming-Chi-Kuo's report, coupled with some other rumors, adds more emphasis on Apple actually making that move.

iphone 8 home button and touch bar

Apparently, Apple might not only replace the home button with a virtual home button, rather it might incorporate what it learnt with the Touch Bar, which was introduced in the MacBook Pro 2016. Imagine this "function area" dynamically changing depending on what app you're using. It's practically like using the latest MacBook. Cool right?

iphone 8 touch bar

As per a report by Techno Buffalo, there could be a "function area" in the iPhone 8 and it will display virtual buttons. The said area is also expected to include biometric technologies that would bring in the Touch ID feature to the smartphone.

However, the new touch bar is not the only change that the iPhone 8 will sport. A glass-sandwich body and wireless-charging feature are also both rumored to be incorporated in the feature list of the phone. This could pretty much sum up why the iPhone 8 is reported to cost more than $1000 dollars.

iphone 8

Till now, Apple has given no reason to believe that it will shift from its traditional launching time. So the new phone can be expected to hit the shelves in September 2017. Hopefully, if rumours are to be believed, there will also be less-expensive iPhones that will be released along with the expensive 8.