Top scientist claims aliens have invaded earth using advanced technology invisible to human eye

This assumption on alien existence was made by Zaza Osmanov based on the very popular Von Neumann probe

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Conspiracy theorists have long been claiming that aliens are visiting the earth from hundreds of thousands of years. As per these conspiracy theorists, ancient cave paintings that show alien-like figures and flying vessels are a clear indication of extraterrestrial visits on the earth. Adding up the heat to these seemingly outlandish claims, a top astrophysicist at the Tbilisi State University in Georgia has argued that aliens have already visited the earth.

Zaza Osmanov who suggested this theory believes that space scientists have missed alien probes from deep space just because they were too small. As per Osmanov, these space ships would be just a nanometre, and this ship, during its course to the destination, will feed on materials abundant in the universe to sustain themselves.

Zaza Osmanov believes that his arguments will explain Fermi Paradox, a billion-dollar query that asks why humans have never contacted aliens despite the fact that the universe is so vast and mighty.

The assumption made by Osmanov is based on the idea of the Von Neumann probe. This probe theory was first proposed by mathematician John von Neumann who claimed that the most effective way to explore the galaxy would be to create tiny, self-replicating probes.

"All the...results indicate that if one detects a strange object with extremely high values of luminosity increment, that might be a good sign to place the object in the list of extraterrestrial Von-Neumann probe candidates. We have considered the scenario when the Type-II civilization needs to 'invade' the interstellar clouds by means of the self-reproducing robots. And it has been shown that this process will inevitably lead to the observational consequences," writes Osmanov, Science Alert reports.

A few weeks back, Avi Loeb, the chairman of the Astronomy department at Harvard University had claimed that alien life living within the Milky Way could be discovered in the coming years. The scientist also added that humans should do everything they can to make the first contact with aliens.

" I think their civilizations in our galaxy that potentially we could find during our lifetimes. We just need to use all the means that we have to search for them," added Loeb.

Dr Jim Green, a top NASA scientist had also claimed that alien life will be discovered by 2021 on Mars. Interestingly, Green made it clear that the world is not prepared to accept the reality of extraterrestrial existence.

However, SpaceX founder Elon Musk recently claimed that humans might be the only life out there in the cosmos. As per Musk, humans beings should try hard to emerge as a multi-planetary species, as they are the only beings who can boast of consciousness.

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