Is Tipping Mandatory? DoorDash Deliveryman Deletes Viral Tip Video, Claims it was a Fake Stunt

A Doordash deliveryman went viral after posting a video slamming a customer for not leaving a tip. The viral TikTok video has now been taken down as the deliveryman received too many negative comments. He took to the social media to clarify that the stunt was not real.

The deliveryman from DoorDash, who posts videos under the ID @frenchfrythug, had written a note to a habitual non-tipper and posted it along with the customer's order in his video.

According to Insider, the note read: "If you can't afford to tip then you should go pick it [food] up yourself. Who do you think you are to order food and have someone come and bring it to your door for FREE? FOR FREE?"

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Is Tipping Mandatory?

His note further stated that he had driven his personal car to the house of the customer to deliver food. He questioned the customer if she thought it was fun. He also gave his Venmo account and asked the customer to right her wrongs in the video.

This was not received well by netizens. TikTok users took the deliveryman to task and commented that tips were given because they wanted to not because they have to. Another user asked if those who cannot give a tip have no right to order food online.

Following similar harsh comments, TikTok user "frenchfrythug" issued a clarification. "Amy is real, she's a real habitual non-tripper, but I did not leave the note at Amy's thing." The clarification came after four days of posting the video.

Before issuing this clarification, the deliveryman had uploaded another video on TikTok. In the second video he was seen distributing money. He claimed that strangers had deposited money into his Venmo account [after watching his video] and he was helping his fellow underpaid DoorDash deliverymen by distributing money.

Unexpected Reaction

However, DoorDash delivery does not ask customers to pay additional charges to deliverymen. Many customers pointed this out under the videos posted by @frenchfrythug. This made @frenchfrythug release a statement that he would reveal the truth about the video. "I am a troll. I was joking, the internet took it very seriously and that's okay," he said. "If you are angry, maybe ask yourself, 'Why did this video make me so angry?' — because at the end of the day, it ain't real," he said.

Speaking to Insider, @frenchfrythug had even said that he does not take orders from those who do not pay him a tip. But he took Amy's order, knowing very well that she was not going to give him any tip, because he wanted to teach a lesson [to all non-tipping customers]. He told Insider that he didn't expect such massive support to non-tipping customers.