TikTok User Films Atlanta Uber Eats Driver's Car Packed with Food Bags, Crawling with Roaches [VIDEO]

The TikTok user filmed the vehicle in a parking lot in Atlanta before the car's driver showed up with a new food order.

Demand for food delivery has surged dramatically during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and platforms such as DoorDash and Uber Eats have experienced a surge in business.

Although these platforms take several health and safety precautions (such as no-contact delivery) to ensure the food is delivered to the customer safely, a video that has gone viral on TikTok has raised concerns about the level of hygiene maintained by delivery drivers.

'This is Why I'm Scared to Get My Food Delivered from Uber Eats'

Uber Eats driver
Stills from the video shared on TikTok by @iamjordanlive TikTok

TikTok user @iamjordanlive shared a video of a car parked in a parking lot in Atlanta with
with an Uber sticker on the front window and an arsenal of cockroaches that call it home. "This is why I'm scared to get my food delivered from Uber Eats," the automated voiceover of the caption in the video says as the user takes close-up shots of the vehicle's interior.

"I don't know whose car this is, but when I tell you, if they delivering food for somebody, I feel so bad for whoever delivering this food because they got roaches all up in this car, bitch," the TikToker said while filming through the car's windows.

The car is packed with what appears to be bags of food and other junk as the roaches are seen crawling over the food packages and across the front and rear windows of the car. "I don't even want to park my car right here because there's so many goddang roaches," @iamjordanlive says. "There's gotta be a dead body in there."

Moments later, the car's driver, a woman, is seen coming out of a restaurant with a new food order, seemingly confirming the TikTok user's fears that the car was being used to deliver food for Uber Eats. The woman sets the bags of food on the ground before loading it into the car's trunk.

'This is Unhealthy'

The video has since amassed more than 300,000 views on the platform and thousands of comments from users who expressed their shock over the driver's level of hygiene.

"I understand everybody needs a hustle but this is very unhealthy! The people she's delivering to deserve better," wrote one user.

"Uber needs to start investigating the vehicles," commented another, while yet another opined, "This video made me delete Door Dash and Uber Eats! I'm done."

Last week, an Uber Eats driver was fired after he was filmed by a TikToker stealing a customer's food with his bare hands and then securing the food package with a stapler he had handy, as reported by Daily Dot.


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