Time traveller from future visits year 2120, captures a video of flying cars in Las Vegas

time travel
YouTube Screenshot: Apex TV

Conspiracy theory YouTube channel 'Apex TV' has recently uploaded an astonishing video featuring a self-proclaimed time traveller, who has allegedly visited the year 2120.

The time traveller whose named is Noah claims that he is actually from the year 2030 and he has travelled to 2120 for a mission. He also showed a video featuring flying cars apparently shot from Las Vegas city.

The clip shows flying cars and vehicles speeding across the skies of the futuristic city. The future sky looks very different and it is mixed with neon, blue and red. The time traveller claimed that the red skies are the result of global warming. He also revealed that the temperature in the future will be quite intense.

As per Noah, aliens are living along with the humans in the future years. The time traveller astonishingly claimed that aliens will be as intelligent as humans and they will become the part of the society in the coming years.

In the clip, the time traveller also revealed that he is actually putting his life at risk for telling the real truth. Noah also argued that reigning US president Donald Trump will be once again elected for a second term and claimed the blossoming relationship between North and South Korea will worsen in future.

The YouTube video was uploaded on June 29, 2018 and has already gone viral. It has racked up more than 1,40,000 views. Even though most of the viewers are convinced about the claims made by Noah, skeptics argue that the clip is a fabricated one and the video of the futuristic city is made with computer graphics.

"No government would let such a terrible animator travel through time lol," commented tacsmoker, a YouTube user.

Another YouTuber, Julian Floyd wrote, "Lol did you make that video on Minecraft dude?"

This is not the first time that Apex TV is releasing a video about time travellers. A few months back, Apex TV conducted a lie detector test on an alleged time traveller from 6491 using amateur devices, and interestingly, he passed the test.

Recently, a paranormal investigator has claimed that he discovered the first time warp exactly outside the Las Vegas. He said time slows down 20 microseconds right outside the city area and has observed how time weirdly changes across Nevada as well as in Area 51.

As per his claims, the weird changes in time could only happen if "some kind of unknown technology being tested nearby that would influence the environment, or if there are natural places around planet earth that actually sort of flicker once in a while, that warp a little bit."

This article was first published on July 2, 2018