Video shows time traveller from 65th-century passes lie detector test

Time travel
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Conspiracy theory YouTube channel 'Apex TV' has uploaded a mysterious video that featured a time traveller from the year 6491, who even passed a lie detector test.

In the eerie clip, the man known by the name James has claimed that he is actually from the 65th century and by using a time machine he came to visit the 21st-century's world. The video also showed that the alleged time traveller was connected to a low-profile lie detector and he answered all the questions without any hesitation. Adding trustworthiness to his claims, he passed every single question.

Time traveller reveals about his future

As per James, the future of earth will be dominated by artificial intelligence. The self-proclaimed time traveler revealed that every home in the year 6491 will be equipped with an advanced AI device capable of carrying all kinds of basic tasks. He added that these AI robots will be able to recognize the commands given by people.

James also talked about the rise of a single government on earth. However, he made it clear that the concept of countries will still persist and each of the nations will have some kind of control over its internal affairs.

Even, he mentioned about a boom in the space industry in coming years and revealed that humans will colonize many distant planets in various galaxies in the future.

Social media in craze

As the video went viral on online spaces, viewers started putting forward their opinions regarding the time traveller's claims. Most of the people who watched the video assured that the claims made by James are real and the government is well aware of time travelling technologies. However, skeptics argue that the entire video is staged.

"Being from that far in the future, his physical features should have changed and the accent too. Languages evolve and English, as we speak today, would not exist anymore, since there should have been a melting of many languages and the disappearing of other," a YouTube user, Enairama1 commented.

"This is not how you do a lie detector test. You first need to do a series of normal questions to set up the machine and then you ask yes or now questions. You can't easily read truth or lies from these long answers," another YouTube user, Eysteinn Guðni Guðnason said in the comment box.

This is not the first time that Apex TV is releasing lie detector test videos about of a time traveller. In February, the conspiracy theory channel released a video featuring time traveller Noah. In the video, the time traveller who allegedly came from 2030 made some startling predictions about the future.

This article was first published on May 31, 2018