DoorDash Driver Caught 'Dorito-Dust'-Handed After Customer Reports Missing Item from Taco Bell Order [VIDEO]

The case of a woman's missing taco was solved when the DoorDash driver who delivered the order to her was literally caught "red-handed."

The pandemic has brought around ways for us to interact with strangers as little as possible. Food delivery services have now added a "contactless delivery" option for customers so the delivery executive can simply leave your meal safely outside your door for you to grab once they're gone. But it does not always work as expected.

In a video originally posted on TikTok on Saturday, @katelyn8560 revealed she and her family ordered a bunch of items from Taco Bell via the food delivery platform DoorDash. She said that when the food arrived at her door the bag was "ripped open," but she didn't think much of it at the time because "things happen."

DoorDash Driver Literally Caught 'Red-Handed'

DoorDash driver caught red-handed

However, when she each family member the item they ordered, she noticed that the item she ordered for herself, a Nacho Cheese DLT (Doritos Locos Tacos), was not in the bag, which she thought was "common" and "happens all the time."

"Not really gonna worry about it, just gonna go ahead and get me a little refund, call it a day," she says about the missing item, which as the name suggests, is essentially a hard-shell taco that is made entirely from Nacho Cheese Doritos.

After complaining to DoorDash about her missing taco, the DoorDash driver sent her a photo of her drop-off. The photo shows a slightly crumpled bag of Taco Bell sitting in front of the customer's door, but the photographer's fingers are in the shot, covered in the cheesy powder colloquially known as "Dorito dust."

"Y'all! Tell me that ain't Dorito dust on this woman's fingers," she says. "Tell me, y'all! Tell me this woman didn't eat my taco, now." Watch the video below:

In a follow-up video Katelyn shared that she was reimbursed for the missing taco. The clip has since gone viral on social media with users sharing similar experiences in the comments section. "My dasher ate our subs sandwiches in their car in front of our house then marked it as delivered and drove away," wrote one user.

"My DoorDash driver set my bag of food outside my door, took a photo of it, and then fled with the food," commented another.