TikTok dance goes wrong, woman breaks both her ankles trying the 'Oh Na Na Na' challenge

Not everything can end up being a song and dance moment on TikTok, and a 27-year-old woman learnt it the hard way

The famous video-sharing app TikTok can make a dancer and artist out of anyone, but that not how it turned out for Sapphire Charlesworth, a 27-year-old hailing from Durham County, North Carolina.

The mum-of-two shook a leg with her partner Naadjele Lartey to do the Oh Na Na Na dance challenge only to break both her ankles while attempting to record it and is now hospitalized. Doctors claim that the injury is severe and the woman might have to undergo surgery soon.

The Oh Na Na Na dance challenge involves two people tapping their feet together from various different angles to the tune of Slim Burna's famous track. The challenge has gone viral on TikTok as thousands are trying to shake a leg to the tricky moves and despite the tragic incident, the craze has not seemed to slow down even a little.

Sapphire Charlesworth Naadjele Lartey
TikTok / Sapphire Charlesworth

My ankles hurt really bad, says Sapphire Charlesworth

Sapphire revealed to the Mirror that the mishap occurred while filming the challenge and said that her ankles hurt really bad, and never expected that her dance moves could land her in the hospital. She stated that she heard loud cracking noises from her ankles as soon as she fell on the floor and her partner assumed she just had a normal fall, which was not the case.

"We were just practicing, and as I went to turn I slipped and heard 'crack, crack' and then I was in a heap on the floor. It hurt so so bad. I think my partner thought I was exaggerating, she had to pick me up and we were trying to wait to see if the pain wore off but then we had to phone an ambulance.''

Sapphire Charlesworth TikTok Challenge Broken Legs
Facebook / Tina Hibbert

After doctors took scans of her legs, it was revealed that she had badly broken her left ankle and the injury was serious, which might require an operation. It was revealed that Charlesworth had also fractured her right ankle, and the ligaments on her right foot.

She also cautioned about trying the moves out as they are not easy. She said: "To anyone thinking of trying it, I'd say approach with caution, and it's not as easy as it looks.'' Sapphire, also thanked the NHS staff for being on the front line and treating her despite the coronavirus pandemic and thanked them for their service. ''I want to massively thank the NHS. Through all of this, they are keeping their spirits high.''