Blonde beauty Rianna Carpenter threatened by woman at grocery store for not wearing a face mask

The blonde beauty Rianna Carpenter, lovingly known as Combat Barbie, for previously serving in the US Marine Corps, has revealed that a woman threatened to call the cops on her for not wearing a face mask while she was out for grocery shopping at the Vons supermarket. The woman also reportedly yelled around claiming she would be fined $1,000 when the police arrived.

Rianna, took to her Facebook handle saying that though the woman threatened her in public, she knew the fact that Fresno city, California, has not made it mandatory to wear face masks for the general public. Wearing a mask is only mandatory for essential workers, which she's not a part of. She said: ''Some lady at the North Fresno Vons started cussing at me saying she's going to call the cops on me because I wasn't wearing a face mask.''

Rianna Carpenter Combat Barbie
Instagram grab/ Rianna Carpenter The Combat Barbie

The sizzling beauty added: ''She kept saying that the city of Fresno made it mandatory and they're gonna fine me up to $1,000 for not wearing one out in public. I couldn't help but laugh at her. THAT'S SO NOT TRUE. Every online article says that only essential workers must wear masks but it's NOT mandatory for the general public! I don't know if fear is what's driving people to act so hysterical? Everyone needs to take a deep breath and R E L A X. Damn I can't wait for all of this BS to be over.''

Rianna Carpenter spices up her Instagram handle

Ever since the lockdown was put into effect across the United States, Carpenter has spiced up her Instagram handle with hot and sizzling pictures of herself that fans can't help but press the heart react button as and when they see them.

Just recently, the blonde bombshell shared a semi topless picture of herself covering her assets with her palms, as she wore a sheer pink satin bathrobe. She mocked people who hoard toilet paper causing trouble to others who can't lay their hands on it. She captioned the image: ''I don't have 700 rolls of toilet paper, but I have wine, rock music, and a cute dog.''

Carpenter had previously slammed people for hoarding toilet paper and groceries causing inconvenience to others and urged her followers to only purchase what's required and not go overboard and empty supermarket shelves. She stated that the supply chain is alive and well across America and there's no need to indulge in panic buying.