Will drinking breast milk cure you from Coronavirus? Here is the truth

Rumours are doing the rounds on social media that drinking breast milk helps a person not to catch coronavirus

From claims that 5G caused the coronavirus to the proclamation that eating garlic can cure the disease, the internet is dark and filled with conspiracy theories that can blow your mind. A new yet strange conspiracy theory is now doing the rounds that drinking breast milk can help a person not to catch the coronavirus, as it contains antibodies that are good for the immune system and overall development.

However, doctors have busted this myth, claiming there's absolutely no proof whatsoever that drinking breast milk can prevent a person from being infected with the coronavirus. Dr Dyan Hes, a Paediatrician with New York City's Gramercy Paediatrics told CBS News, ''There's no proof that breast milk at all can cure COVID or give you antibodies. here's no data that I know of that has been published yet about it.''

Breastfeeding Breast Milk

Dr Hes revealed that though its a fact that breast milk is good for a baby's developing immune system, there's little or no evidence that breast milk contains coronavirus antibodies that are helpful to adults in any way.

"There's no proof of that yet, this is all hypothetical. (Breast milk) would be the lowest thing on my list,'' and stated that intake of other vitamins might help in boosting a person's immune system. ''I think you can take some vitamin C and zinc if you want to, but do not buy breast milk to prevent COVID-19. That is not going to help you.''

Who started the breast milk cures coronavirus conspiracy theory?

Breastfeeding Breast Milk

The concept of drinking breast milk to get rid of coronavirus was not started by an internet troll, it was in fact started by Dr Rebecca Powell, who is an infectious disease expert at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. The doctor put out a social media post saying there might be a potential treatment for coronavirus from breast milk, as it is rich in antibodies and urged that further research needs to be done on the subject to examine the antibodies as a cure for coronavirus.

Dr Powell revealed to Vice.com that she's willing to pay $5 per ounce of milk from each healthy, lactating woman in New York City and is ready to take samples through the mail from women living outside the city too. She stated that she would begin her research when enough samples are met and said, ''The data on milk protection is actually really sparse, unfortunately.'' She also put up posts on Motherhood groups in Facebook saying, ''Are you a healthy, lactating person in NYC? You may be eligible to participate in a breast milk research study!"

Since then, the conspiracy theory bandwagon had lapped up Dr Rebecca Powell's claims and spread misinformation all over social media claiming that drinking breast milk can beat coronavirus is nothing but a fact.

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