Tiffany Dover: 'Creepy' Instagram Post of Tennessee Nurse Who Fainted After COVID-19 Shot Reignites Death Rumors

Tiffany Dover posted photos of her skiing trip to Colorado on Instagram, more than two months after her last post.

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Tiffany Dover, the Tennessee nurse who became the subject of conspiracy theories after fainting during a live TV interview in the wake of a COVID-19 shot, has once again reignited speculation over her "death" with her Instagram post.

Dover, a registered nurse at Tennessee-based CHI Memorial hospital, grabbed headlines in December after she fainted while talking to reporters not long after being administered the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. In the days that followed, Dover released a statement saying she has a condition that causes her to faint when she experiences pain.

Tiffany Dover
Tiffany Dover fainted on live television Facebook/ CHI memorial

The incident sparked widespread speculation that Dover had died after receiving the vaccine, as previously reported. While some drew attention to her absence from the public eye and her social media inactivity otherspointed out records that listed her as dead.Some even claimed Dover's body double is making appearances on her behalf

Although speculation surrounding Dover's death has been debunked my several news outlets, including Reuters, Dover's latest Instagram posthas once again rekindled those rumors.

'Meet Me on the Other Side of Paradise'

Tiffany Dover

More than two months after her last post, Dover took to Instagram to share photos of her skiing trip to Colorado. The post included a series of pictures of Dover and her friends at the Vail Ski Resort as well as photos of the scenic snow-covered mountains. However, the images were accompanied with an interesting caption that read, "Meet me on the other side of paradise." Check out the post below:

The post instantly went viral on Reddit and Twitter with social media users refusing to buy into the claim that Dover was alive and that the caption was "weird" and "creepy," especially after two months of inactivity.

"The caption on it too, is beyond creepy. Why would that be the first thing u say. "Meet me on the other side of paradise" just bizarre!," wrote one user, while another chimed in saying, "The caption is very very weird."

Meanwhile, other users claimed that only one of the photos posted by Dover shows her full face and that the photo is apparently an old image, with one of them pointing out that the nurse is wearing different goggles in her selfies.

"One of those was an old pic that someone linked but was deleted. Leads me to believe all of them are not current pics, along with a weird caption," wrote a Reddit user.

"False. Probably old photos that were taken before. She's wearing different goggles in her selfies," commented a user on Instagram, while another wrote, "THEY GOT INTO HER ACCOUNT!"

Here are some of the posts on Twitter:

Although there is no evidence to support the claim that Dover passed away after receiving the COVID-19 jab, there is sufficient proof to confirm that Dover is alive. Amid speculation surrounding Dover's death in December, CHI Memorial Hospital confirmed in a tweet that she was doing fine and working shifts at the hospital. The hospital also followed it up with a video showing Dover with her colleagues in another tweet a couple of days later. Both tweets, however, have since been deleted.