Three Pakistani Terrorists Shot Dead by Indian Army after They Are Caught on Surveillance Camera Trying to Cross LoC [GRAPHIC]

The video, sourced from the Indian Army, captured the three terrorists walking using a long shot lens from behind what appears to be a line of pine trees.

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The Indian Army shot dead three terrorists on the India-Pakistan border in the forward areas of Jammu and Kashmir's Uri on Thursday after they were caught on camera crossing the Line of Control. A video, which has gone viral on social media shows the three terrorists attempting to cross into the Indian side of the border.

The Army said that it foiled a Pakistani terrorist infiltration attempt on Thursday, leading to the killing of three terrorists and the recovery of a sizable amount of war-like supplies. The search of the area, the army said, yielded the dead bodies of three terrorists, two AK-47 rifles and one Chinese M-16 rifle, along with other war-like supplies.

In Other's Land

The video, sourced from the Indian Army, captured the three terrorists walking using a long shot lens from behind what appears to be a line of pine trees. Indian Amry tracked the soldiers and then killed them in the Kamalkote region of Uri close to the Madiyan Nanak checkpoint.

Intensive electronic surveillance of the suspected area led to the detection of the attempt by the three terrorists on Thursday around 08.45 am in the forward portions of the Line of Control in India. This sparked a fierce firefight in which the terrorists were killed. Following a search of the region, the army found their dead together with a sizable amount of military supplies, including two AK weapons, one Chinese M-16 rifle, and other ammunition.

Pakistani terrorists
The three Pakistani terrorists seen cross the India-Pakistan border before they were killed by the Indian Amry Twitter

According to the Indian Army, the operation was started following particular intelligence gathered by Army Intelligence agencies. "Consequently, on August 24, multiple ambushes were laid to trap the infiltrators," the Indian army said. effort was discovered at 7 a.m. on August 25 as a result of intensive electronic surveillance of the suspected area, it was noted.

"Terrorists were hoping to use the cover of thick undergrowth, foliage and continuous rain and low clouds to infiltrate," the Indian army added.

The Army said that its successful action not only resulted in the death of three Pakistani terrorists but also prevented Pakistan from carrying out its evil plan to disturb J&K's peace, prosperity, and normalcy.

Pakistani terrorists
The three Pakistani terrorists after they were killed while crossing the border Twitter

The Indian Army's operations against Pakistan-sponsored terror in Jammu and Kashmir continue to be based mostly on electronic monitoring and intelligence-based operations.

Killed Before Infiltrating

The Indian Army has now successfully thwarted a fourth attempt at infiltration at the Line of Control in Jammu and Kashmir during the past three days.

Pakistani terrorists
One of the Pakistani terrorists lies dead after being shot Twitter

On Monday, two terrorists were killed while attempting to cross the Line of Control (LoC) in the Nowshera sector of Jammu and Kashmir's Rajouri district. According to officials, one of the terrorists stepped on a landmine, setting off an explosion.

"The injured Pakistani terrorist was captured alive and provided with immediate medical aid and lifesaving surgery was carried out," the army had said in a statement.

He apparently went on a suicide mission with four to five other terrorists to attack the Indian Army. Additionally, he reportedly admitted receiving $30,000 for the operation from Pakistani colonel Colonel Yunus.

This article was first published on August 26, 2022