Three Navy crew witnessed infamous 'tic-tac UFO' and they were asked to coverup, claims Dave Beaty 

The UFO spotted by the Navy officials was apparently traveling in a skyrocketing speed, and its maneuver defied all laws of modern physics

It was in 2004 that a US Navy crew witnessed an unidentifiable flying object (UFO) that defied all laws of modern physics. Now, infamously known as tic-tac UFO, many people including top military experts consider this sighting as the most authentic one in human history.

It is widely believed that an F/8-18E Super Hornets from the USS Nimitz was the first aircraft to witness the tic-tac UFO in the skies. Later, another aircraft was sent by the authorities to unveil the mystery behind the mysterious flying vessel. The second team even caught the visual of the UFO on the camera.

Three Navy crews witnessed the UFO?

Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) To The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences

However, it has been now claimed that a third US Navy aircraft had also witnessed the UFO screeching across the sky in breathtaking speed. The revelation was made by Dave Beaty who has interviewed several pilots and Navy officials as a part of his documentary. While talking with Jim Breslow in the Hidden Truth Show, Beaty revealed that the third team who witnessed the UFO sighting was silenced by the authorities.

"The man I spoke to, I have checked his background and he did fly in the Hawkeye. The reason he didn't want to come forward was that he had to sign a document right after the incident saying to not talk about it," said Beaty. He also added that the disclosure agreement signed by these Navy officers are compelling them to hide the truth behind tic-tac UFO.

UFO clips are authentic

A video footage showing tic-tac UFO screeching across the skies was released by To The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences. As the video went viral on online spaces, Joseph Gradisher, the spokesman for the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Warfare admitted that these clips are authentic. However, he also made it clear that these footages were not supposed to be released in the first place.