Thor to the rescue: Chris Hemsworth donates $1 million for battling the Australian bushfires

Hemsworth, posted a video on Twitter to announce that he along with his family will donate one million dollars to help Australian wildfire relief efforts

The Australian actor, Chris Hemsworth, joins the list of celebs who are using various platforms and resources to help fight the devasting wildfires that have been spreading across Australia for months. On January 7, Hemsworth took to Twitter to pledge that he will donate $1 million to help Australian wildfire relief efforts which instantly received thousands of retweets.

Chris Hemsworth
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Hemsworth donates $1 million for the fight against bushfires

On his caption, the Australian actor wrote, "Like you, I want to support the fight against the bushfires here in Australia. My family and I are contributing a million dollars. Hopefully, you guys can chip in too."

"As you're well aware, the bush fires in Australia have caused massive devastation (and) they continue to burn. There's warmer weather on its way (and) we're still in the thick of it here," said Hemsworth in a video posted on Twitter. "There are plenty of challenging times ahead... and what we need is (sic) your support and your donations."

In another tweet, the actor urged his fans and followers to donate and support the fight against the wildfires, telling the netizens that "you can support firefighters, organizations, and charities who are working flat out to provide support and relief during this devastating and challenging time".

Support for the Australian bushfires and climate change pours in

Recently, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, the actress and country superstar, who are native Australians, took to Instagram Saturday to announce that they have pledged to donate $500,000 to the Australian Fire Relief.

During the Golden Globe ceremony, Russell Crowe skipped out on the ceremony in order to protect his home from the bush fires, Jennifer Aniston, who was on the stage to present the award read aloud his acceptance speech on his behalf, which read, "Make no mistake, the tragedy unfolding in Australia is climate change based. We need to act based on science, more our global workforce to renewable energy and respect our planet for the unique place it is."