The outbreak of Coronavirus has forced millions of people to stay indoors and refrain from engaging in social activities. Nevertheless, many have been making use of this time to become more creative to keep themselves entertained.

While many parents find it difficult to keep their kids engaged, a father from Spain has come up with an amazing idea to make his daughter happy every day. Three-year-old Mara and her father Jaime from Puertollano have been dressing up as different characters every day. But for what? To dump the garbage! Yes, you read it right! Being the only time when people are actually allowed to leave their homes during this quarantine period, this duo makes good use of it.

Father-Daughter Duo's 'Outings'

This Father-Daughter duo dresses up every day in popular costumes to dump garbage
In Spain, this Father-Daughter duo dresses up every day in popular costumes to dump garbage during Coronavirus quarantine period jimu25702/Instagram

Looks like the father-daughter duo is celebrating Halloween almost every day. They make use of their only opportunity to have some fun by dressing up in different costumes, especially that of popular characters, available at their home. From dressing up as Beauty And The Beast, Dragon Ball Z, Frozen, Spider-Man to Batman, the videos of the duo have already gone viral on multiple social media platforms. Taking inspiration from them, many netizens have also started adapting this idea to make their kids happy during this difficult phase.

Meanwhile, a compilation video of the duo's daily adventures, posted on Reddit, has already been viewed over three million times at the time of reporting.

Dumping Garbage Becomes a Trend

Looks like dumping trash wearing special costumes have already become a trend for people all over the world. Recently, a video of a 17-year-old boy, spotted wearing protective helmets normally worn during wars with a long military green coat and shoes had surfaced online. The clip made headlines as the boy was moving the trash cans at the roadside in the Victoria province of Australia using a war tank, the huge armored fighting vehicle designed for front-line combat during wars.

Similarly, multiple videos of people dressing up to take out the trash have been posted on the Facebook group Bin Isolation Outing. Many hilarious videos of people in various costumes just to put their trash bins outside have been shared on this group, which has over one million members.