Tired of being stuck at home? 15 things to do during Coronavirus quarantine period

'Things to do during quarantine,' which wasn't searched by anyone, has become one of the most searched keywords on Google since March 2020

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Sitting at home without being allowed to go outside is the toughest thing to do if you are a social extrovert person. But due to the Coronavirus scare, most of the countries have imposed a mandatory shutdown in an attempt to make people practice social distancing, thus curbing the spread of COVID-19. Yes, we are all trapped inside, but of course, for good.

But, with not much to do, people find it really difficult to keep themselves engaged. For people working from home, they can be busy most of the time, by either attending meetings or finishing their job. But what about others?

And now, "things to do during quarantine", which wasn't searched by anyone, has become one of the most searched on Google since March 2020.

Here are our suggestions about interesting things to do during this quarantine period:

1. Binge-watching

Binge-watching interesting series or movies on television channels and online streaming platforms have now become the favourite hobby of millions of people. In order to force people to stay at home, some companies have also initiated free subscription for the users. Also, listen to your favourite songs to relax your mind.

Watching TV
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2. Art and crafts

Make use of this quarantine period to know your hidden talents, be it painting, stitching, knitting, bottle art or just making interesting items from the trash.

3. Cleaning and organising your home

Tired of seeing the same home decor at your house? How about cleaning and re-organising your home during this free time? Also, you can try making some DIY art pieces to make your home look different.

4. Organic vegetable gardening

In the wake of Coronavirus outbreak, multiple reports suggest that there would be a shortage in the availability of food items due to shut down in many places. Therefore, it is necessary to start growing vegetables and other essentials within the available spaces at home.

Balcony garden ideas
Balcony garden ideas Pinterest

5. Reading/writing

Due to the work pressure, you would have stopped reading books for quite some time now. Utilise this opportunity to start reading your favourite types of books, and if you do not have the hard copy, check online for audiobooks or its pdf copies. Also, stay updated with the recent updates on Coronavirus news. Or maybe, you can try writing poems or even a novel.

6. Cooking

Trying out new dishes is a good pass time, but make sure you prepare healthy items with minimum items. With a limited supply of essentials, proving your culinary skills might not be a great idea this time, especially since we do not know how long this pandemic will affect us.

7. Socialising with friends and family online

It's the time to bond with your friends and family, but by keeping the idea of social distancing in mind. Video calling your loved ones can be a great time pass, and get ideas from them on how they are dealing with this quarantine period.

8. Playing with kids

If you have kids at home, staying inside the home for an indefinite period would be a real struggle as you cannot let them go outside to play. Try to find out some interesting indoor games or board games that can keep them as well as you engaged. Check out some ways to deal with kids here.

Simple ideas to keep your kids engaged

9. Workouts

Staying safe as well as healthy is important and since we are forced to stay at home, it is necessary to start doing some indoor workouts.

10. Online courses

This can be the best time to do some online courses to learn more in your profession or something extra, like photography, editing, cooking, baking, machine learning, website designing, programming, to name a few.

11. Practice musical instruments

How about brushing up your old talents? But only if you are not disturbing your neighbours. And if they really enjoy your music, maybe you can arrange a concert at your balcony itself and let them all enjoy.

12. Solving puzzle, riddle, brain teasers

Solving puzzles is the best way to kill time. Find interesting puzzles online and conduct competitions with your friends. See who can solve them first, but yeah, no cheating! Or maybe, you can try solving the Rubik's cube as you have plenty of time now.

Solving a Rubik's cube can kill the time
Solving a Rubik's cube can kill the time Tim Hogg/Twitter

13. Learn a new language

Learning a new language might sound difficult, but understand that you have quite a lot of free time now and this would be a good idea to keep your mind busy rather than thinking about COVID-19 issues happening around the globe.

14. Online games

If you are really missing those good fun times with your friends, maybe you can all start playing online games "together" from different locations.

15. Meditation

Just like keeping yourself engaged, it is important to relax a bit as well, something that you never get to do because of your usual busy lifestyle. Practice yoga, meditation or just sleep for some time every day to keep your mind relaxed.

Sleep deprivation shrinks your brain
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Nevertheless, it is important to follow the instructions by health experts to fight against the Coronavirus. Also, make sure your friends and family do not visit your home like before, just because they are also bored.

Even if you are staying at home, maintain personal hygiene and wash your hands frequently using soap and water or an alcohol-based sanitizer. So, instead of going out and exposing us to the deadly Coronavirus, let's all stay safe at home and fight positively against this pandemic. Many netizens have also been coming forward suggesting interesting ideas on how to deal with these most boring times.

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