This Drama Has it All - Doctor Slump Premiere Receives Positive Reviews, Episode 1 Recap

Doctor Slump premiered on JTBC on Saturday (January 27) at 10:30 pm KST. It received positive reviews from K-drama fans worldwide. Episode 1 introduced viewers to Park Shin Hye as a workaholic anesthesiologist named Nam Ha Neul who suffers from burnout syndrome. Park Hyung Sik appeared as a successful plastic surgeon named Yeo Jung Woo.

People in Korea watched the first episode on TV or streamed it on various online streaming platforms. K-drama fans from other parts of the world, including the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, and Mexico, enjoyed the premiere with subtitles on various online streaming platforms, including Netflix.

Doctor Slump, starring Park Shin Hye and Park Hyung Sik, will return with a new episode on Sunday (January 28) at 10:30 pm KST. The second episode will focus on the team-up between Ha Neul, Jung Woo, Bin Dae Young, and Lee Hong Ran. The viewers can look forward to some fun-filled moments between these four doctors.

Doctor Slump
Doctor Slump poster JTBC

Premiere Recap

The romantic comedy-drama began with a narrative by Ha Neul. She spoke about when two high school rivals hit rock bottom. The mini-series then took viewers through the first meeting between the onscreen couple at school. Although they were good at studies, only Jung Woo received an invitation to join the Hanguk National University medical school.

When Ha Neul struggled, Jung Woo enjoyed his success. But the happy moments did not last long. The well-known plastic surgeon hit rock bottom after a patient died on the operation table due to a strange medical accident. The incident affected him badly, and he struggled due to it. In the meantime, Ha Neul was diagnosed with burnout syndrome. The first episode features an unexpected reunion between the two high school rivals after 14 years.

Doctor Slump
Doctor Slump poster. JTBC

Viewers' Reactions

Through several flashbacks and flash-forward scenes, the premiere episode focussed on the relationship between Ha Neul and Jung Woo. It also made the viewers curious about what lies ahead for the onscreen couple. After watching the premiere episode, the audiences shared their reviews online. Here are a few of them:

I watched the first episode of #DoctorSlump, and it was way better than expected, honestly.

Slice of life and medical drama with academic rivals and enemies-to-lovers tropes where two individuals from the past meet again at the lowest point in their lives and will likely heal each other. This drama has it all!

#DoctorSlump is off to a strong start. It has the potential to be extremely rewarding/healing, depending on how they handle mental wellness. #DoctorSlumpEp1 was funny, but, what I want to see the most is, how #ParkHyungSik and #ParkShinHye's characters will help each other.

Jeong Woo and Ha Neul reunion! and the flashback. I love it. I'm sure this one is going to be fun and fresh to watch.

Most of the scenes in the premiere episode are shown in the 5-minute highlight. I thought this would be a 12-ep drama, but it's a 16-ep drama. So I hope this gets better and they won't drag the story and make it interesting. Love this ending.

I'm so ready to spend my weekends with them. One thing for sure is that these two will deliver and make us go through all the emotions playing Nam Ha Neul and Yeo Jeong Woo in this healing rom-com.

My thoughts on #DoctorSlump ep 1? Not too bad a start, and they haven't done much chemistry tests yet. Soon we'll find out if it's good or not... still watchable for now.

#DoctorSlump Episode 1, and I'm already loving it! Another healing drama. Must watch!

Very good start. I appreciated the combination of emotions in a single chapter. It looks like an impressive show is coming up!

As expected, #DoctorSlump has all the elements to be the next big hit. It was funny and sad, lovely and a bit crazy, The Park Park couple shines as enemies to lovers, and I expect great things from this duo. #DoctorSlumpEp1 was just the appetizer, we are just getting started.

I totally love ep 1 of #DoctorSlump ....the love to hate-bickering from school days now meet again as adults at the lowest point in their lives gonna be fun to watch. #ParkShinHye & #ParkHyungSik gotta hit this out of the park. I'm seated for this ride. Yass!

Watched the first ep of #DoctorSlump and am pleased to report it's GOOD! Smoothly written—especially difficult for a first ep—and intriguing performances from both leads. I'd nothing less from Parks Hyunsik and Shin-Hye! Awaiting tomorrow's ep!