Thirty-Nine Episode 3 Recap, Episode 4 Spoilers, Streaming Details: Painful Days, Shocking Discovery

Thirty-Nine episode 3 followed Chan Mi Jo and featured her struggles. She did not know how to inform Jeong Chan Young about her health issues. She looked around for comfort. She stayed away from her loved ones. Mi Jo did not want the people around her to ask her about the pain. The upcoming chapter will continue to feature her pain differently.

Mi Jo would gather the courage to inform Jang Joo Hee and others about the cancer diagnosis of Chan Young. Although it might be hard for everybody to accept the truth, they will gradually plan to make the last few months of Chan Young memorable. Mi Jo, Chan Young, and Joo Hee would possibly do everything they always wanted to do together.

A behind-the-scene photo of Thirty-Nine episode 4. Twitter

The promo for this week shows Mi Jo, Chan Young, and Joo Hee trying to adjust to the situation. In the video, Chan Young told her friends that she wants to live an ordinary life in the remaining days of her life. In reply, Mi Jo asked her why she always thinks about death. The girls are likely to argue with each other and find a way to sort things out.

The footage also follows Mi Jo and Seon Woo as they gradually get closer. Seon Woo helps Mi Jo to ease her stress. He tells her that someone needs to be healthy to take care of others.

Watch the Promo Below:

Here is the Official Synopsis for Thirty Nine Episode 4

Shocking Discovery

If the promo is to be believed, Seon Woo will share some happy moments with Mi Jo. But the synopsis hints at troubled moments for him. Chapter 3 revealed that his stepsister is going through a tough time. Kim So Won is doing something that she is not supposed to do. Seon Woo is clueless about it. He could find out the truth in episode 4.

The fourth chapter of this romantic comedy-drama would also feature the blossoming romance between Joo Hee and Park Hyun Joon. They are slowly getting to know each other, and it may take a while to take the next step in their relationship.

Chan Mi Jo shares the bad news with Jeong Chan Young and Jang Joo Hee in Thirty-Nine episode 3. JTBC

"I think the scene in episode 4 where the three friends gather in Jung Chan Young's lesson room is one where the identity of our drama is perfectly captured. I hope that [K-drama fans] can think about the meaning of life while watching the three friends who laugh but grow sad and find laughter again in that sadness", director Kim Sang Ho teased.

Thirty-Nine will return with a new episode on JTBC Thursday at 10. 30 pm KST. People in South Korea can tune in to the channel to watch episode 4 or stream it on the official website. International fans can watch the chapter with subtitles on various streaming platforms, including Netflix.