Thirty-Nine Spoilers and Streaming Details: Director Teases Sad Ending

Thirty-Nine is sure to take the viewers through a fun ride with his star-studded casts, including Son Ye Jin, Jeon Mi Do, and Kim Ji Hyun. According to Director Kim Sang Ho, the mini-series features the everyday lives of three friends -- Cha Mi Jo, Jung Chan Young, and Jang Joo Hee -- who want to enjoy their lives to the fullest. While making happy moments together, the girls remember a sad truth that could eventually lead to a painful ending, Sang Ho teased.

The official synopsis of this JTBC drama states that the story focuses on the lives of three women. They became friends in the second year of high school. Currently, they are gearing up to welcome the 40th year of their lives. They have to deal with unexpected circumstances. This unforeseen situation will change their lives forever. It will remind them that there is not much time left to be together.

Sang Ho indirectly hinted at the ending while explaining what lies ahead for the lead characters. The Director teased a painful journey. He hinted at the demise of a character. But Sang Ho also stressed that it is not a drama about death. This mini-series explains the importance of staying happy, he added.

"When Chan Young is diagnosed with a terminal illness, the characters in Thirty-Nine realize the need to live. They learn the importance of now after knowing the truth of the end. It is not a drama about death but a drama that recognizes the importance of living life fully while being aware of death. I want it to be a drama about the meaning of a sincere life through three friends who live life to the fullest while facing the demise of a friend", Sang Ho said.

Jeon Mi Do, Son Ye Jin, and Kim Ji Hyun as three friends in JTBC drama Thirty-Nine. JTBC

Friendship Between Cha Mi Jo, Jung Chan Young, and Jang Joo Hee

The Director also opened up about the friendship between the three lead characters in the drama. Sang Ho revealed that Mi Jo is the leader of this group. She is a perfectionist who was adopted and raised by a wealthy family. She grew up in a loving environment, and she has stability in everything she does. Her principles and inner beauty help the threesome deal with all the problems. She is the head dermatologist of a clinic. She works in Gangnam.

The other two characters, Chan Young and Joo Hee, are very different. Chan Young is an acting teacher, and Jo Hee is the manager of a cosmetic department store. Chan Young is a sincere and unique individual. Jo Hee has explosive energy, great synergy, and an attractive personality. Chan Young is an acting teacher, and Jo Hee is the manager of a cosmetic department store.

The Director also shared some details about the casting of Ji Hyun as Jo Hee in Thirty-Nine. Sang Ho revealed that he struggled to find the perfect person to portray the character onscreen. Ye Jin and Mi Do suggested casting Ji Hyun as Jo Hee when he reached out for their advice.

Character chart of JTBC drama Thirty-Nine. JTBC

"I was in the middle of thinking about it when I asked Son Ye Jin and Jeon Mi Do if they had any actors they might recommend. That's how I learned of Kim Ji Hyun. At the time, she was in a musical, and I went to see her perform, and I knew right then that this was it. Her explosive energy has a great synergy with Joo Hee. Joo Hee became a much more attractive character", the Director explained.

How to Watch Thirty-Nine?

The romantic-comedy-drama premieres on JTBC Wednesday at 10.30 pm KST. People in Korea can watch the mini-series by tuning in to the broadcasting channel or streaming it on the official website. International K-drama fans can enjoy the drama with subtitles on various streaming platforms, including Netflix. It will be available online in different parts of the world, including the US, Canada, India, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Peru, Denmark, Europe, and South Africa.