Twenty Five, Twenty One Episodes 3 and 4 Recap, Episode 5 Spoilers and Streaming Details

Twenty-Five, Twenty-One episode 3 aired on tvN Saturday at 9.10 pm KST. Chapter 4 on Sunday at the same time. Both the episodes featured the complicated relationship between Na Hee Do and Go Yoo Rim. The high school fencing rivals may get closer to each other with the help of Baek Yi Jin in the upcoming days. The viewers might get the details in episode 5. The chapter is scheduled to air on tvN Saturday, February 26, at 9.10 pm KST.

The third chapter of this teen drama shared details about Yi Jin, Yoo Rim, and Hee Do. Yi Jin got into trouble because of Hee Do and Yoo Rim. But he may not have to worry about it as they could get closer to each other in the upcoming episode. The last few minutes of chapter four hinted at it. The episode ended with a surprising cliffhanger.

Twenty-Five, Twenty-One Episodes 3 and 4 Recap

The chapter began with a flash-forward scene, and it featured Kim Min Chae. Min Chae got so involved in the story that she started seeing her mother's younger version in the dreams. Hee Do came to take her daughter for a training section, and her daughter became curious about her mother's love for fencing. So, Hee Do explained why she liked the sport so much.

Then the story took the viewers through a flashback sequence. It featured the friendship between Hee Do and Yi Jin. It also marks the beginning of a rivalry between Yoo Rim and Hee Do. The girls were practicing hard when their schoolmate came rushing. The girl informed everybody about the release of Fuller House volume 12.

Twenty Five, Twenty One
A behind-the-scene photo of Twenty Five, Twenty One episode 4. Twitter/tvN

Quickly, Hee Do and Yoo Rim rushed to their nearest bookstalls. Yoo Rim enquired in a bookstore and found out that there were no more copies available there. She called Yi Jin and requested him to save a copy for him. Shortly, Hee Do reached out to Yi Jin for her copy of Fuller House volume 12. When she found out that all the issues were out in rent, Hee Do agreed to wait. Yi Jin suggested she read another book in the meantime. While waiting for the manga, Hee Do found a copy of Fuller House volume 12 on the bookshelf. Though Yi Jin tried to hide it, Hee Do caught her.

At the same time, Yoo Rim entered the book store asking for her copy. Hee Do understood that Yo Jin was saving the last copy for Yoo Rim. She confronted Yi Jin and taunted Yoo Rim just before walking out of the store with her issue. It was the beginning of a new rivalry. Yoo Rim met Yi Jin to discuss ending his relationship with Hee Do. However, he asked her not to be childish.

Love is in the Air for Go Yoo Rim and Moon Ji Woong

The third and fourth episodes of this romantic comedy-drama also featured the blossoming romance between Yoo Rim and Ji Woong. After their first meeting in the school corridor, they met again in the classroom. When the teacher kicked Yoo Rim out for not bringing her textbook, Ji Woong accompanied her. They shared some fun moments outside the classroom.

Later, Ji Woong asked Hee Do keep a bottle of Yoo Rim's favorite drink in her cupboard every morning. He asked this favor in return to teach Hee Do a choreography. Yoo Rim enjoyed the drink every day until she saw Her Do keeping it on her shelf. So, Hee Do requested Ji Woong to clear the misunderstanding because she is no more a fan of Yoo Rim.

Twenty Five, Twenty One
A promotional still of Twenty Five, Twenty One episode 4. Twitter/tvN

It was the last day of Yoo Rim in school before her big match. Since she will be absent for some days, Ji Woong decided to meet her in person. Yoo Rim was happy to see him before the departure. They spoke for some time, and Yoo Rim was happy to know that Ji Woong bought the drink for her. Yoo Rim and Ji Woong indirectly admitted their feelings towards the end of episode 4.

The third and fourth chapters of this tvN drama also featured some heartbreaking and fun moments of Hee Do and Yi Jin. When Yi Jin's father can meet him, Hee Do taught he could be a trouble maker. She requested Yi Jin to hide and chase the person away. Later, they found out that the visitor was Yi Jin's father. They also enjoyed a meal with Yoo Rim and Ji Woong at Ji Seung Wan's house. The episodes also featured Hee Do's preparation for the national team. Will she make it to the national team?

Twenty Five, Twenty One
The cliffhanger of Twenty Five, Twenty One episode 4. Twitter/tvN

Twenty Five, Twenty One Episode 5 Spoilers and Streaming Details

The promo for this week indicated that Hee Do would make it to the national team. It could be one of the happiest moments of her life. But then again, it could be a new beginning for her. She might get to know Yoo Rim well after this selection. Though Yoo Rim remembered her first match with Hee Do, the latter does not have a memory of it. The viewers would know if Hee Do could remember the incident.

The mini-series will return with a new episode on tvN Saturday at 9.10 pm KST. People in Korea can watch the K-drama on TV or stream it on the official website of this broadcasting channel. International fans can watch the drama with subtitles on various streaming platforms, including Netflix.