Is There a 'Woman Serial Killer' On the Loose in Atlanta and FBI Roped in? Viral Post Spreads Fear

A viral post claiming that there is a serial killer who is attacking and mutilating women is on the loose in Atlanta, creating ripples on social media. The post, which makes reference to the Piedmont Park murder, also claims that the FBI has stepped into the case.

Katie Janness and her dog Bowie were found murdered at Piedmont Park last week while 18-year-old Tori Lang was found shot to death at Yellow River Park in Gwinnett County, last week.

serial killer
Viral post about serial killer on the loose in Atlanta. Twitter

Post Warns Women From Venturing Out Alone

The post which has gone viral on social media starts with a warning saying "This is very serious."

"You've all heard about the Piedmont park murder surely, but now the FBI is stepping in on this case, pointing to the possibility of a serial being on the loose in ATL and surrounding areas."

It then goes on to describe grisly murders before claiming that there were "reports of another female body are coming in this morning from Norcross."

It then asks the readers to spread the word to friends, co-workers and family. "Think twice about running around 'outside' drunk, don't be in parking lots or random spaces alone, it's not the time to go to the gym after dark... Please stay safe, especially you ladies," reads the caution further.

Authorities Deny Connection Between Two Murders

According to WSBTV, the police have claimed that the viral post is doing nothing more than inciting false fear. Speaking to the outlet, Gwinnett County police said that there was absolutely no connection between the murders of Janness and Lang.

In a communique sent to Lead Stories, Cpl. Ryan Winderweedle with the Gwinnett Police Department public information office said that the detectives have found no connection between the Piedmont Park case and the Yellow River Park case.

Sgt. John Chafee with the Atlanta Police Department's public affairs office too told the outlet that they are not aware of any connections between our case and any other. "The latest information we have for release is posted on our website. We urge everyone to avoid spreading rumors and or unconfirmed information on this open and active investigation. We continue working to identify anyone involved in this murder," read the email.

Kevin Rowson, a public affairs specialist in the FBI's Atlanta field office, confirmed to the outlet that that the agency was working with the APD and "any questions about any of the cases mentioned should be directed to the investigating agency."