There Is No Goo Pil Soo: A Perfect Choice for Twenty Five Twenty One Fans; How to Watch

There Is No Goo Pil Soo is a perfect choice for the fans of the tvN drama Twenty Five Twenty One, which followed a bunch of teenagers. The person who captured all the attention in the series was Nam Joo Hyuk, who portrayed a struggling youngster named Baek Yi Jin. The character had to take care of his family after his father went bankrupt. Highlight member Yoon Doojoon portrays a similar character in the upcoming mini-series.

It is his first drama after he completed his mandatory military service in 2020. He portrays a struggling young entrepreneur named Jung Seok. He takes care of his family after his father goes bankrupt. The actor recently revealed why he chose this project as his comeback drama.

"The synopsis and script were really interesting. It has all the joys and sorrows of life, it has love, and it's a drama that includes the stories of all sorts of people," he said.

There Is No Goo Pil Soo
A poster of the upcoming drama There Is No Goo Pil Soo. Twitter


Doojoon said another reason for being a part of this mini-series was the casting of Kwak Do Won. The Highlight member said he considers it an opportunity to learn new things from the senior cast members.

"When I heard that Kwak Do Won had been cast, I thought that I would be able to learn a lot more about acting through this production," the actor said.

The other cast members of this mini-series are Han Go Eun, Park Won Suk, Jung Dong Won, Kim Young Woong, Wang Ji Won, and Park Sung Yeon.

There Is No Goo Pil Soo
A poster of the new drama There Is No Goo Pil Soo. Twitter

Who is Jung Seok?

Doojoon then opened up about his character, Jung Seok, who faces unexpected challenges after his father goes bankrupt. He described Jung Seok as a charming person who takes care of his father's debt with a smiling face. His perseverance and conviction help him stay on the right path, the actor shared.

"Jung Seok is someone who stands straight up and keeps going even in the face of hardship. He's a good son who pays back his father's sudden debt without complaint. He's also a young man who's just begun the first half of his life that isn't going too well," he added.

The Highlight member teased several interesting scenes in the drama. He said viewers could easily relate to many scenes. K-drama fans will understand it when they watch the mini-series.

There Is No Goo Pil Soo
A character poster of the new drama There Is No Goo Pil Soo. Twitter

"I'm extremely pleased to be greeting everyone through There Is No Goo Pil Soo. As it's a drama that showcases a lot of stories about people of all ages, I think it's a production that everyone will be able to relate to. This is a tough time right now, so I hope that you will be able to find hope and comfort while watching Goo Pil Soo and Jung Seok taking on their challenges with vigor," he shared.

There Is No Goo Pil Soo will premiere on Sky TV, Seezn, and Olleh TV Wednesday, May 4, at 9 pm KST. K-drama fans can watch the first two episodes on Wednesday and Thursday through the streaming platforms.