'Thanos' Josh Brolin posts racy picture of wife on Instagram; faces ire of fan

The Avengers actor often posts pictures of his wife with romantic quotes with whom he got married in 2016

Josh Brolin, who essayed the role of Thanos in Avengers, lashed out at the trolls who criticised him for posting a nearly nude picture of wife Kaitlyn Boyd on his Instagram page. It is not for the first time that Josh has posted Kaitlyn's picture on his page. Josh, who has 2.8 million followers on his Instagram page, often posts pictures of his wife accompanied by romantic quotes or poems.

Josh Brolin as Cable
Josh Brolin's first-look as Cable in the upcoming 'Deadpool' sequel. twitter.com/VancityReynolds

Josh, posted the picture of his 32-year-old wife as she posed in nothing but a pair of white lacy panties while a rose is placed strategically between her lips and arms which covered her upper body, as she looked straight into the camera.

The Avengers actor added a lovely quote of poet Anais Nin to go with the pic which read, "I want to love you wildly. I don't want words, but inarticulate cries, meaningless, from the bottom of my most primitive being, that flow from my belly like honey. A piercing joy, that leaves me empty, conquered, silenced." The post has already crossed 1.29 million likes.

Fan says 'God wants to cover her body'

Hours after the picture was posted, a follower questioned the reason for posting such a picture. In his comment, the user not only criticised the actor for posting a semi-nude picture of Kaitlyn but also said that such an act was against God's will. "Why show your wife's body off on the internet it's not good, God wants her to cover her body and not expose her body," wrote the user in the comments section.

Giving an epic reply to the troll, Josh responded, "I just spoke to God and God asked me to please ask you to shut the f--- up and go take a shower." Soon after, Josh's fans came in support of the actor and praised him for slamming the troll and standing up for his wife.

The 51-year-old Josh married Kaitlyn, his personal assistant in 2016. The two share a daughter, Westlyn Reign Brolin (Bean) who was born in 2018. Josh was previously married to Alice Adair, with whom he shares two kids, Eden and Trevor and was also married to Diane Lane.