Thanks to BTS, K-Pop Stars Can Now Defer Military Service? South Korea Mulls Revising Rules

South Korea's ruling Democratic Party has clarified that even after revision military service can only be postponed and there is no chance for exemption.

BTS created history by winning four awards at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) while also being placed number 1 in Billboard's Hot 100 chart. This has led to a discussion about K-Pop artistes' compulsory military service. MBC's Newsdesk announced that the South Korean government is contemplating on revising the Military Service Act to help artistes who have made the country proud.

The ruling Democratic Party is said to be pushing to revise the Military Service Act, but the move has already met with criticism. Thus the government is now stating that it is only trying to postpone the compulsory military service of K-Pop stars and not exempting them from it.

A file photo of BTS members. Twitter/BTS Official

Who Can Postpone Military Enlistment?

Currently three sections of people are allowed to postpone their military services. According to the rule, those pursuing their post-secondary education [after 12th grade], those still pursuing a course at any training institution and national, international level athletes representing the country are allowed to defer their military service.

According to the revised plan the government is trying to extend the privilege to K-Pop bands like BTS who have brought laurels to the country. Perhaps BTS already has had some plans to postpone their military service as apart from the youngest member Jungkook, the six members RM, Jin, Jimin, JHope, Suga and V are already pursuing MBA course at Hanyang Cyber University.

This allows them to postpone their military service till they are 28. But if the Act is revised this will allow the K-Pop stars to postpone their military enlistment till they turn 30. BTS's Jin is all set to join the military service in December as he will soon turn 28. Fans are hoping for the revision to be finalized soon as they do not want Jin to leave BTS for two years as the team is in their best form.

New Rule to Apply to Internationally Acclaimed Artistes

If the new rule is in place, K-Pop artists with international profile can postpone their compulsory military service without enrolling themselves into an educational institute. However, when asked, Big Hit Entertainment that manages BTS had said that the members wanted to enroll into the MBA program to help them in their future course of life and has nothing to do with postponing the military service.

BTS became the first band in Asia to win the Best Pop award at the recently held MTV VMAs, making the government to shower praises on the team for making the country proud. BTS also has become the first Korean pop act to top the Billboard 100 chart with their first English single Dynamite.

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