Woman Throws a Tantrum at Restaurant Over 'Cold Chicken', Assaults Customer [VIDEO]

A woman was filmed creating a scene at a Mexican restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee, after she was served cold chicken.

A video of a woman throwing a tantrum at a Mexican restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee, before assaulting a fellow customer is being widely circulated on social media.

The footage was originally shared by Emily Davidson Miller on Facebook along with a caption urging people to support the Las Palmas Mexican Restaurante, where the incident took place. Miller and her family were enjoying a meal when the woman created a scene because she claims she was served bad food, prompting Miller to pull out her cellphone and start recording.

The video starts off with the woman arguing with someone who appears to be the manager over the quality of the food served to her and demands to pay the bill so she can leave. The manager apologizes to her and tells her that she need not pay for her meal as it failed to meet her expectations.

'Don't Try to Pass That Food Off of Me'

"You don't even know how to take care of people who patronize your establishment," she says to the manager. The woman, dubbed a "Karen" by Miller, refuses and tells the manager she's not leaving without paying. "Settle my tab out, now!," she says loudly.

"Don't try to pass that food off of me, again, ever," she can be heard saying. "Settle me tab out for that horrible food that you just tried to serve me."

According to the server, she wasn't happy about her chicken being served to her cold. Her partner tries to calm her down before she demands her credit card from him to settle the bill. "I do not walk out without paying my tab," she says.

'Pay My Bill'

Tennessee Karen
A still from the video that is being widely circulated on social media. Facebook

Miller and other customers then tell the woman to leave the establishment. The woman then turns her attention back to the manager.

"Pay my bill!," she says repeatedly to the manager, who tries to reason with her partner. "Don't ask him. You talk to me. I pay my bill," she yells at the manager.

"I'll pay your bill if you leave!" Miller's husband yells at the woman.

Assaults Customer, Then Claims She Didn't Touch Him

The "Karen" then walks over to a customer after realizing she's being filmed.

"Are you getting a lot of likes?" she asks the girl. A man who appears to be the girl's father then gets up, approaches the woman and asks the restaurant's staff to "get her out."

"What did you say?" she says to the man before assaulting him. "That's assault. It's on video," Miller says.

"Call the police!," one of the customers can be heard saying at one point. "I didn't even touch you, you asshole," the woman tells the man she assaulted.

Another customer then asks the woman to leave because she's cussing in front of children. "I don't care, children need to hear this," she says while looking into the camera.

"Show some respect!," she says before the video ends with her embarrassed partner pulling her towards the restaurant's exit. Watch the full clip below: