Anti-Masker in California Does Nazi Salute, Compares Store's Mask Policy to Hitler's Rule [VIDEO]

A man was filmed doing the Nazi salute after being told to wear a mask or leave the store in Orange County.

A video of an anti-masker comparing wearing masks to the Nazi rule and refusing to leave a CVS pharmacy in Orange County, California, is being widely circulated on social media.

The clip, originally shared on TikTok by a user named @wittlelizzy, starts off with the store's employee asking the man to wear a mask and upon his refusal to co-operate, the young woman asks him to leave the establishment or have security escort him outside.

Hitler 'Used the Exact Same Tactics'

Anti-masker in Orange County
A still from the video shows the man doing the Nazi salute after being asked to wear a face mask. Twitter

The man then extends his right hand into the air and does the "Sieg Heil" salute or the Hitler salute, a victory gesture commonly used in Nazi Germany.

"You're so young you don't know what Nazism is, because you weren't even born when Hitler took over and they used the exact same tactics," he says to the staff member, before repeatedly telling her that she won't "get it" because she's too young.

The woman then reiterates to the man that he's going to have to leave the establishment and they will not be able to serve him without a face mask on, as required by the store's policy.

'You're Too Stupid to Understand'

"We will not be able to help you today," she tells him, to which the man responds, "It's not that you won't be able to, you refuse to because you're idiots."

The man then pulls out his face mask and proceeds to wear it but leaves his nose exposed. When the employee points out to the man that his mask is not worn properly and asks him to pull it over his nose, he refuses.

"That defeats the whole purpose," she can be heard saying to the man.

"I don't give a crap," he responds. "Because this whole thing is a lie and you're too stupid to understand." The video ends with the man asking the man filming to "go ahead the record. Watch the two-part clip below:

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