Indian Teenage Girl Beats Mother to Death Using a Frying Pan After Being Told to Wash Dishes

In a shocking incident, an Indian teenage girl has allegedly killed her mother using a utensil following an argument at home. According to multiple media websites, the police have confirmed the girl, who hails from India's northern state of Uttar Pradesh, beat her mother to death with a frying pan after she was scolded for not washing the dishes. The girl, 14, is now facing culpable homicide charges not amounting to murder.

The incident came to light on Sunday night, after the minor called their neighbors to her 14th floor apartment in the city saying her mother was injured. They found the girl's mother lying in a pool of blood due to head wounds. Neighbors rushed her to a nearby hospital, but it was too late as she was already dead.

Reportedly, the woman, who worked in the supply department of a company near the Indian capital, New Delhi, was in her mid 30s. She separated from her husband within five years of marriage and lived with only her daughter in the apartment.

Teen kills mom using frying pan
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Narrating the ordeal, senior police officer Ranvijay Singh said: "The woman had asked her daughter to wash utensils. When the teenager did not do so, she scolded her, an argument followed and the girl allegedly kept hitting her on the head with a frying pan."

He further revealed that the teen initially lied about the incident. The girl claimed that she found her mother smeared in blood after she returned from a walk. But after preliminary investigation and enquiry the police found that there was no sign of outsider's entry into the apartment complex. Police check the CCTV footage, which revealed the girl was lying. However, the girl admitted to beating her mother to death after further interrogation by the police.