Taylor Swift Got Kanye West Booted from Super Bowl Seat after He Bought Tickets Directly in Front of Her VIP Suite, Brandon Marshall Claims

The source of Marshall's information is unclear, and there is no evidence to support the validity of his allegations.

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Former NFL wide receiver Brandon Marshall has claimed that Taylor Swift had Kanye West removed from the Super Bowl after the rapper tried to upstage her on Sunday night. Marshall claimed that Swift "made a call" to have West removed from the Super Bowl after he purposely purchased seats at Las Vegas's Allegiant Stadium in front of her.

The claims were made by Marshall on his "Paper Route" podcast. The singer, who cheered for her boyfriend Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs in their win against the San Francisco 49ers, occupied a VIP box alongside celebrity friends Blake Lively, Ice Spice, and Lana Del Rey, along with Kelce's family.

Taylor's Sweet Revenge

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift seen cheering for Travis Kelce during Super Bowl 2024 X

Marshall, who played in the league from 2006-2018, made the bombshell claims on Tuesday on his "Paper Route" podcast. Marshall suggested that West, 46, strategically positioned himself in front of Swift, 34, with the intention of photobombing any footage of her during the broadcast of the game.

"More tea... so Kanye West pulls up to Super Bowl," Marshall said. "Kanye West buys a ticket right in front of Taylor Swift's booth, so any time they were going to be showing [Taylor Swift], Kanye's face was going to be there.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift seen chugging drink on jumbotron during Super Bowl 2024 X

"He had a mask on... typical Kanye. So Taylor Swift gets pissed off. She, boom boom, makes a call or two, everybody's involved.

"[Kanye] gets kicked out of the stadium... Hot tea, hot tea... He was trying to leverage her celebrity to make some...so you gotta go back to their beef."

Marshall initially said that it was Katy Perry's suite, but he later clarified that he meant Swift's suite.

The source of Marshall's information is unclear, and there is no evidence to support the validity of his allegations.

If the allegations are true, this incident would symbolize a resounding win for Swift in her longstanding feud with the controversial rapper. The feud dates back to 2009 when West famously interrupted Swift's acceptance speech for Best Female Video at the VMAs, leaving her embarrassed.

Strategic Move

Kanye West was spotted at Super Bowl 2024, where Swift's boyfriend, Kelce, and the Chiefs won over the 49ers in overtime. West was seen wearing an Alexander McQueen Jesus mask over his eyes. Social media videos also captured the rapper and his wife Bianca Censori walking up the stairs at Allegiant Stadium.

Kanye West Super Bowl
Kanye West seen at the Super Bowl 2024 X

The longstanding feud between Taylor Swift and Kanye West resurfaced in 2016 with the public revelation of an infamous phone call. In the call, West discussed his song "Famous" with Swift, adding another chapter to their ongoing conflict.

Kim Kardashian, who was West's wife at the time, posted video footage of the call on social media. The footage suggested that Swift had given her approval for the lyrics of West's song "Famous," which included the controversial lines: "I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex / Why? I made that bitch famous."

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce
Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce kissed after the Chief won the Super Bowl X

Although Swift denied giving consent, she faced public backlash, and was labeled a "liar" and a "snake." Swift shared in an interview with TIME magazine that she perceived the situation as a "career death" at the time.

In 2020, an extended version of the same phone call leaked, suggesting that the video posted by Kardashian was edited.

Kardashian addressed the controversy on Twitter (now X) at the time, denying any manipulation of the conversation and accusing Swift of lying. She explicitly stated, "I never edited the footage."