Super Bowl Temporarily Halted after Shirtless Streaker Runs Onto Field Before Being Tackled and Dragged Away [WATCH]

The incident occurred at a crucial juncture in the Super Bowl, as the Chiefs were trying to make a comeback after the 49ers had taken an early 10-0 lead in the game.

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A streaker ran onto the field during the third quarter of Super Bowl 2024. Following a Patrick Mahomes pass to Mecole Hardman that gained only two yards on third-and-8 for the Chiefs, CBS Sports color commentator Jim Nantz and Tony Romo alerted the over 100 million viewers that there was a "partial streaker" on the field.

Television networks typically avoid showing streakers on the field, but several people in attendance at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas have posted videos of the incident on social media. The streaker was quickly tackled by multiple security guards and didn't manage to cover much ground. Fortunately, the disruption had minimal impact on the game.

Unexpected Interruption

Super Bowl streaker
The shirtless streaker seen being chased and tacked by the security guards during the Super Bowl 2024 X

Neither of the men entered the field shirtless initially; instead, they chose to tear off their shirts while being chased by security. Prominent celebrities including Taylor Swift, Jay Z, and LeBron James were present at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas and witnessed the streaker charging onto the field.

The incident occurred at a crucial juncture in the Super Bowl, as the Chiefs were trying to make a comeback after the 49ers had taken an early 10-0 lead in the game.

Following this incident, on the subsequent play, Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker successfully kicked a 57-yard field goal.

It remains unclear whether the streaker had a specific cause or was simply an overly enthusiastic spectator. Sunday night's incident marked the third instance of a streaker running onto the field during the Chiefs' last four Super Bowl appearances.

At Super Bowl 55 in Tampa in 2021, when the Chiefs were playing the Buccaneers, Yuri Andrade, a native of Boca Raton, Florida, wore spandex and used the opportunity to promote an X-rated website with his streaking antics.

In the preceding year, during Super Bowl 54 in 2020 when the Chiefs emerged victorious against the Niners, Instagram model Kelly Kay ran onto the field. However, security arrested her before she could proceed with any attempts to strip.

History Streaker

Super Bowl streaker
The streaker seen being dragged out after he tried to interrupt the Super Bowl 2024 X

In 2004, the well-known sporting prankster Mark Roberts gained notoriety as the first person to reveal his nudity to the audience at one of the world's largest sporting events. Roberts, now 59, briefly stole the spotlight and overshadowed the Carolina Panthers and New England Patriots at Super Bowl XXXVIII.

In an interview with Daily Star Sport, he shared the details of how he orchestrated the stunt. The idea took shape when his sponsors mentioned having two tickets for the "biggest event in America," which they mistakenly believed was the Oscars.

Roberts then set his sights on making a memorable appearance at the Super Bowl.

"What do you mean," asked Mark, who insisted: "That's not the biggest thing in America. The Super Bowl is the biggest thing in America!"

Undeterred by the initial rejection, Roberts refused to accept the "security's too tight" explanation.

Instead, he confidently claimed, "You get me a ticket, and I'll prove you wrong." True to his word, he managed to pull off the stunt. Despite his confidence, Roberts harbored significant concerns about the potential consequences his actions could bring. "I've never been so scared in my life," Mark said.