Taylor Swift Caught Licking and Wiping Dripping Snot on Her Dress Mid Performance During 'The Eras Tour'

A couple of videos from Taylor Swift's recent Scottish concert have left her fans in a bad taste. The Bad Blood singer was seen removing snot from her nose, licking and wiping it on her dress as she performed in the freezing temperature.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift X

Singer Licked the Snot Dripping Down her Nose

During her recent "Eras" tour performance at Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh, Scotland, Taylor Swift faced the cold weather. In one video posted on X, Swift is seen wiping her nose as she walked onstage.

As she lowers her hand near her sparkly green mini-skirt, some dripping mucus is visible on her fingers, which she then discreetly wipes on her skirt before continuing her performance.

In another clip from one of the sold-out shows, Swift wipes her nose and then cleans her hand on her red-and-black jumpsuit while singing her hit "Don't Blame Me."

In the third video, Swift is seen licking her nose as the snot dripped over her red lipstick while playing the piano. Despite these moments, Swift's performance remained energetic and engaging, demonstrating her professionalism and dedication to her fans.

Social Media Reacts

The videos, though posted a few days apart, sparked a series of mixed reactions from her fans on social media. "Please don't attack my granny taylor. she always is always eating her boogers and smelling her ass. she does this for the fans, to show that she is a flawed human like us," wrote a user on X.


"Taylor Swift is so gross. Wiping her snot on her skirt," opined another.

"I can't believe I drove 3 hours, paid for overpriced tickets just to have Taylor Swift flick her snot at me during a concert," expressed a user.

"I've seen Taylor swifts snot on the tl more than I've seen my brother this year," wrote a user as another added, "I keep seeing videos of taylor swift and all her snot please give that woman some tissues."

"Seeing everyone talk about the taylorswift snot thing and everyone calling it nasty but like what was she even supposed to do in that situation??? She probably takes such a nice long shower after concerts anyway who actually cares," pointed a user.