'Taxi Driver' Season 2: Lee Je Hoon Talks About Possibility of Second Part of Revenge Drama

Episode 16 of 'Taxi Driver' recorded a massive 15.3 percent and 16.6 percent ratings for its two parts. Will the drama have a sequel?

SBS drama Taxi Driver aired its final episode on May 29. The drama has received massive amount of love from the audience and secured 15.3 percent and 16.6 percent ratings for two parts of its final episode. With the revenge drama ending on a cliffhanger, audience is awaiting the news about second season of Taxi Driver.

Lee Je Hoon who played the titular role of taxi driver in the drama is winning praise from the Kdrama fans. He is currently busy attending multiple interviews post the success of the drama Taxi Driver. Speaking at a recent interview, Lee Je Hoon who had played Kim Do Gi addressed the issue of possibility of second season of Taxi Driver. But before delving into season 2, let us have a look at the ending of the drama.

Lee Je Hoon
A still from the drama Taxi Driver. Instagram

Taxi Driver Ending Explained

In the final episode, the Rainbow Taxi gets a fitting last case, Kim Do Gi [Lee Je Hoon] adopting an alias, prosecutor Kang Ha Na [Esom] deciding against arresting Do Gi, and then trying to resign were the highlights of the drama. But what made the audience emotional was the decision of the main cast to go their separate ways. Jin Eon and Kyung Koo return to their former lives; Go Eun takes the civil service exam and becomes a police officer; after changing his name, Do Gi goes traveling; with her resignation not accepted, Ha Na shines in her profession.

It looks like justice has been served. But you can notice that Rainbow Taxi has not stopped giving rides yet. Will any special case make the former colleagues come together again? Taxi Driver 2 is still a speculation but audience feels that there is ample scope for a sequel.

Lee Je Hoon's Predictions for Taxi Driver 2

Here is what Lee Je Hoon has to say about Taxi Driver part 2. Speaking to Sports Chosun, the Taxi Driver actor said, "Instead of feeling relieved to bid Kim Do Gi and Taxi Driver goodbye, I want to spend more time with the Rainbow Taxi crew, so I hope that we can meet again sometime soon. About the ending, Lee Je Hoon feels that the current ending was ideal.

"To be honest, it's true that revenge breeds more revenge, so the Rainbow Taxi crew had to think hard about what to do and how to resolve it. But now they're back with prosecutor Kang Ha Na. In this season, there was a lot of opinions about the right and wrong of putting criminals in private prisons. I think that future stories could move to how Rainbow Taxi can help resolve situations in the name of justice and with the authorities' assistance."

But in the end of the drama, CEO Jang's message might be a hint that Taxi Driver 2 is not completely out of the picture. CEO Jang had mentioned unresolved cases of child being violently abused, YoungNam Flour Mills case etc. "It would be meaningful if Taxi Driver were to reinterpret cases that were unresolved in the past. A 16-episode miniseries was too short to contain all the stories that we could have told," said Lee Je Hoon.

So, as of now even the crew is regretting that the drama has come to an end and are awaiting a reunion. But will it be an unofficial reunion or an official production reunion has not been decided yet. Thus despite high ratings and critical appreciation, Taxi Driver 2 is still a speculation as there is no official notice regarding the same.