Taxi Driver Finale: Episode 16 Release Date, Spoilers About Kim Do Gi and Rainbow Taxi's Fate

Will Kim Do Gi get his revenge, what will be the fate of Rainbow Taxi? Watch final episode of 'Taxi Driver' on SBS at 10 PM KST.

One of the most-watched ongoing South Korean dramas, Taxi Driver, is heading towards its finale. The final episode [Ep 16) will be aired on May 29 at 10 PM KST. With the penultimate episode [15] remaining the most watched drama of Friday night, the SBS drama Taxi Driver is expected to create a new record with its final episode in terms of ratings.

Lee Je Hoon and Eson starrer Taxi Driver scored average nationwide ratings of 13.2 percent and 14.4 percent for its two parts on May 28 [Episode 15]. In episode 16 Lee Je Hoon who plays the lead role Kim Do Gi is seen exchanging his final plans with Kim Eui Sung who plays Jung Sung Chul, owner of the Rainbow Taxi, where Kim Do Gi works.

Lee Je Hoon
Actor Lee Je Hoon in the drama Taxi Driver. Instagram

'Taxi Driver' Episode 16 Spoilers

The preview shows Kim Do Gi visiting his mother's memorial and saying, "I won't forgive those who did that to you." Next, Kim Do Gi is speaking to Jung Sung Chul who asks if Do Gi is aiming for a revenge. To this, Kim Do Gi responds, "Then, do you suggest me to keep quite and watch on?"

Jung Sung Chul tells Do Gi that even he wanted to take revenge at one time. But Do Gi shares his plan and says, "...But this time I will not take revenge for others but for myself."

The last two scenes of the preview show Jung Sung Chul exposing the fact that he had abducted many culprits using the delux taxi. In the last scene, Do Gi is seen surrendering to Kang Ha Na [played by Esom] with last words, "My work here is done," with a smile.

It looks like Do Gi gets his revenge and brings the person who killed his mom to justice. With Jung Sung Chul exposing his way of working, will Rainbow Taxi still be in business is the question that will be answered in the final episode of Taxi Driver.

Taxi Driver Plot, Cast

For those who are new to Taxi Driver, this drama tells the story of Kim Do Gi, a Korea Military Academy graduate whose mother was murdered when he was young. He then joins Rainbow Taxi, a company which offers a revenge-call service to its clients, as a driver.

It stars Lee Je Hoon as Kim Do Gi, Esom as Kang Ha Na, prosecutor who fights for justice and who becomes interested in Do Gi's work. Kim Eui Sung plays the role of Jang Sung Chul, CEO of the Rainbow Taxi Company and also Director of Blue Bird, a non-profit foundation created to help victims of crime. Pyo Ye Jin plays Ahn Go Eun, a skilled hacker who works for the Rainbow Taxi Company.