'Taxi Driver 2' Confirmed? Lee Jae Hoon and Lee Som Starrer SBS Drama Likely to Premiere in 2022

According to reports, production company Studio S has confirmed production of a new season of 'Taxi Driver' aimed for next year.

One of the hit dramas of 2021, Taxi Driver, is likely to be back with season 2. Lee Jae Hoon and Lee Som starrer drama is currently in working stages for the second season. Here is what we know about the 'season 2' so far.

The SBS' action-packed revenge drama Taxi Driver is gearing up for the second season. SBS representative confirmed AllKpop on July 7 that the second season for the drama is in talks. "We are currently discussing the production schedule and timeline for Taxi Driver season 2, said," SBS representative to the AllKpop news outlet.

taxi Driver
Poster of the Lee Je Hoon and Esom starrer SBS drama Taxi Driver. Instagram

Ready For a Ride in Rainbow Taxi?

The first season of Taxi Driver aired its last episode in May 2021. The provocative storyline and the charm of rugged anti-hero [who is also the hero] Kim Do Gi, resulted in the drama ending with the highest viewership rating of 16 percent.

According to Soompi, industry representatives stated that the drama's production company Studio S has confirmed production of a new season aimed for next year. Currently, the production house is working on reaching out to the cast and forming a production team.

But a source from SBS told Soompi that the news has not been confirmed yet. "It is currently under discussion with the timing and schedules being coordinated. It has not been confirmed yet," said the source.

The drama ended with the solving of a fitting last case. Even though the main cast returned to their daily lives, the Rainbow Taxi had not stopped giving rides yet. This had made fans speculate that the second season was underway. But it was quashed as a rumor as there were no talks about the sequel of the drama.

But the final episode of Taxi Driver had secured 15.3 percent and 16.6 percent ratings respectively for its two parts. This, along with netizens' demand seeking a second season might have prompted the production house to consider producing the second season.

Details Awaited

The production house is said to be trying to get in touch with the cast of the drama. Thus, details on the cast, storyline and streaming of Taxi Driver 2 are still awaited.

The drama starred Lee Je Hoon, Esom, Kim Eui Sung, and Pyo Ye Jin in lead roles. The drama is about a mysterious taxi service that delivers justice and revenge on behalf of victims who cannot punish the culprits by law.

Speaking during an interview, Lee Je Hoon, the male protagonist of the drama, had revealed that he was hoping for the second season. "Instead of feeling relieved to bid Kim Do Gi and Taxi Driver goodbye, I want to spend more time with the Rainbow Taxi crew, so I hope that we can meet again sometime soon," the actor had said.