Target Employee to Lose Job After Woman Calls Manager on Him For Asking Her to Wear a Mask

The woman called the manager and got the employee kicked out for enforcing the store's mask policy.

A video of a woman asking to speak to the manager at a Target store and getting one of the employees sent home after being told to wear a mask is being widely circulated on social media.

The clip, shared on Instagram account Karens Going Wild, starts off with the employee, identified as Justin Woodard, claiming responsibility for asking the woman and her family members to wear a mask, as required by company policy.

'I Have a Medical Condition'

Target woman calls the manager
A still from the video that is being circulated on social media. Instagram

"Me, I asked 'em to put a mask on cause it's the policy. Is it not?" Woodard tells the manager. "And I have medical problems so why don't you mind your business?" the woman snaps back.

"It's okay. We can handle that," the manager says before the woman points out which medical conditions she's suffering from. "I have seizures. I have chronic migraines," she tells the manager, who responds with, "That's fine. That's perfectly fine."

"Record me bi*ch, record me" the woman then tells Woodard as she leans forward looking into the camera. The manager then tells him to stop filming because he's the one at fault and asks him to "get out."

"I got in trouble for this interaction and sent home, now I may be getting fired," Woodard told Karens Going Wild. "Shows you where @target's priorities are." Watch the video below:

Target is among a growing list of retailers who have stepped up to implement mandatory mask requirements to keep both staff and customers safe amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Even as some states have waffled over whether or not to officially enforce orders that require face coverings, businesses like Target have taken it upon themselves to ensure that shoppers mitigate risks of potentially spreading or contracting COVID-19.

Social Media Reactions

The video has sparked outrage among social media users who called out the woman over her entitled behavior. While some claim the woman should have stayed at home if she has medical issues, others said migraines and seizures do not warrant an exemption from the mask policy.

If she's is sick she shouldn't go to target in the first place. Shop online!" wrote one user, opined another. "I have chronic migraines too. I still wear a mask wherever I go. Not sure how masks, chronic migraines, and seizures correlate."

"Well you're about to have way more medical problems than just seizures if you continue to not wear a mask, commented a third user.

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