Tank to Oh My Girl's Seunghee: 'If You Sue Me, You Won't Win. I've 3 years of Medical Records of Mental Health Therapy'

Producer and composer Tank has once again targeted Oh My Girl's Seunghee. In his latest video released on YouTube, he has demanded her to leave the group.

Tank and Oh My Girl's Seunghee
Tank Targets Oh My Girl's Seunghee Again. Instagram

He has warned her not to get into a legal battle with him citing that it would not make much of a difference as he has been going through mental therapy. In the latest YouTube video, he mocks her previous lawsuit against him.

Tank's Warning to Seunghee
According to Tank, it would take another 12-18 months if she plans a fresh legal battle against him based on his latest video and she would lose her reputation. "You have told me too much already. You should leave the group now and go back to your hometown to open a 'dakgalbi' business. Then maybe I'll let your team off the hook. You don't have much time left. You can't sue me. If you sue me, you won't win. I have 3 years of medical records of mental health therapy." Allkpop quotes him as saying in his latest video.

Tank's Controversial Video
A few weeks ago, Tank released a song in which he explicitly described one of the members from Oh My Girl had shared dirty jokes with him. He did not mention Seunghee's name but highlighted the name of one of her ex-boyfriends. The content and the cover picture clearly indicated that he was pointing his finger at her.

In the song, he claimed that she cheats on her boyfriends.

WM Entertainment denied the allegations mounted on her stating that he was obsessed with her and threatened to commit suicide when she did not reciprocate the same feelings for him. His tactics had negatively impacted her mental health, the press release had claimed.

"Seunghee has complained of a panic disorder so serious that she cannot handle her schedule normally due to the severe mental pain and anxiety, and even though Tank is a school and industry senior, she has cut off contact with him, deciding that they cannot keep in touch any longer." the agency is quoted as saying by Allkpop.