Fans accuses label for Oh my Girl JinE's anorexia condition

The songstress is showing improvements in her health.

WM Entertainment is receiving backlash for JinE's anorexia condition. The fans are reportedly blaming the company for forcing the Oh My Girl singer into stringent diet and weight restrictions.

As per reports, the 21-year-old singer has temporarily withdrawn from her group activities due to health reasons. She showed symptoms of anorexia soon after the debut.

Although the songstress is showing improvements in her health as she rests at her parents' house, many are accusing the label for her deteriorating condition.

However, the entertainment agency has denied the accusations and stated that the company allows the members to eat at their own discretion. WM Entertainment told Allkpop: "There is absolutely no such thing. We can assure you on that part. We have never pressured harsh dieting or weight restrictions. Our company allows the members to freely take care of themselves."

The label further explained: "JinE, who is 159cm tall, gained great stress from malicious comments calling her fat despite her normal size. Then her weight dropped down to a low 40kg and even 38kg at the worst. After discussing the matter with JinE and her parents, we decided it would be best for her to halt all promotions because we believed her health was at risk."

"As JinE receives treatments and focuses on recovery, please give her support until she returns to Oh My Girl," the agency stated.