Taiwanese Actor Alien Huang Passes Away at 36, Third Celebrity to Die This Week After Ashina Sei, In Hye

Taiwanese actor Alien Huang is the third celebrity to have died this week after Japanese actress Ashina Sei and South Korean actress Oh In Hye who were found dead on September 14

Taiwanese singer and actor Alien Huang was found dead at his Taipei apartment on September 16. The actor was 36 years old. Huang is popular as a host of Taiwan's long-running TV variety show 100% Entertainment along with singer Show Lo.

He was found near his bathroom covered with blood. His death is suspected to be a result of a freak accident. A preliminary probe reveals that the actor might have slipped and hit his head to the floor.

Alien Huang, Ashina Sei, On In Hye
Taiwanese actor Alien Huang, Japanese actress Ashina Sei and South Korean actress On In Hye have died between September 14 and 16, 2020. Instagram

According to Channel News Asia website, the Qiyan Police said in a press conference that when the fire department arrived at the scene, they found the Huang's body in the bedroom, outside the entrance to the bathroom, with water still running. The cause of death is not yet known. An autopsy will be conducted on September 18, CNA reported. Police are said to have confirmed that they did not find any drugs or alcohol at the scene, and there were no signs of a struggle.

Huang's father is said to have told the cops that he tried to reach his son over the phone. But when there was no response he visited his house and found the actor on the floor, unresponsive and immediately called the emergency service.

Actress Rainie Yang Pays Tribute to Huang

Huang's ex-girlfriend, actress Rainie Yang expressed shock over the news and paid tribute to the actor. "I won't pretend that I'm doing well, that I am alright. Because it's impossible to be alright ... Hong-sheng, I believe in the future you will still be here. It is just that you will be using a different way to be around. Thank you for coming into my life," the actress wrote on Instagram. The couple dated since their high school days but broke up after she entered the entertainment industry. The duo continued to be friends.

Huang hosted children's nature program Follow Me, Go!. He had joined the Japanese-Taiwanese boy band HC3 in 2002. But it was disbanded in 2003 and later he joined the Taiwanese boy band Cosmo. He quit hosting 100% Entertainment in 2016 and released five solo albums. He also starred in movies including Din Tao: Leader Of The Parade in 2012 and Go! Crazy Gangster in 2016.

Actress' Oh In Hye, Ashina Sei Death

Huang is the third celebrity to have reportedly died this week. All three celebrities were 36 years old. Japanese actress Ashina Sei, 36, was found dead in her apartment in Tokyo on September 14. Her death is suspected to be suicide as no note was found in her house. The actress's body was found by her brother who visited her house on September 14 when she stopped answering calls or messages.

An established actress she was known for her leading roles in 2007 François Girard's historical drama Silk, 2010 Kazuya Konaka drama Nanase: The Psychic Wanderers, TV Asahi series Aibou: Tokyo Detective Duo, and US series Revenge.

On the same day, 36-year-old South Korean actress Oh In Hye was announced dead by a hospital in Incheon. The Plan actress was found by her friend in a state of cardiac arrest at 5 a.m. KST in her house in Incheon. When the paramedics were called the actress did not have a pulse and was immediately rushed to the hospital. However, the actress did not regain her consciousness and was declared dead in the evening on September 14.

It can also be noted that 30-year-old Japanese actor Haruma Miura was found dead inside his home in July. Whereas 22-year-old Japanese reality TV star Hana Kimura was found dead in May.

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