Taecyeon Exam: 2PM's Vincenzo Star Fails Fanmade Quiz About Himself, Fans Shocked

Out of 20 questions Taecyeon got six answers wrong on himself. Have a look to find out where did the 2PM singer went wrong!

Vincenzo anti-hero, 2PM's star singer Ok Taecyeon, took to Twitter to announce that he had failed an exam on himself. The actor took it sportively and not only captioned the video "uhm...I think I am not me", but also shared it on social media. Thus currently "Taecyeon Exam" is trending and fans are wondering what made Taecyeon forget facts about himself!

A hard core fan of Taecyeon created a quiz about the Vincenzo star and released it on Google forms. He expected fans to answer it but might not have thought even in his dreams that Taecyeon himself will also take the quiz. Let us see where Taecyeon faltered in answering quiz of 20 questions. Before that let me inform you that Taecyeon indeed got 30 percent of the answers wrong!

Ok Taecyeon
2 PM's Ok Taecyeon. Instagram

Questions 1-5

The first question was on Taecyeon's birthplace and the singer-actor got it right. Taecyeon was born in Seoul on Dec. 27, 1988. The second question was about his family – name of his elder sister. Of course Taecyeon answered it right. Ans: Ok Jihyen. The third question was on his hometown in the U.S. The singer got it right and the answer is Bedford in Massachusetts.

So far, Taecyeon did well but selected the first wrong answer for the fourth question. The fourth question was "Name of the recording surfaced of Taecyeon reading his old school report". The answer was "the Fall of Carthage," but Taecyeon wrongly answered it as "The fall of the Roman Empire." The fifth question was on his debut. Taecyeon correctly answered it as he had initially auditioned as a model.

Questions 6-10

The sixth question was on the trouble caused by Taecyeon as a trainee with JYP. Of course the actor had remembered it right as he was punished severely for this mistake. Ans: After finishing a modelling job in Argentina, instead of returning straight to South Korea, he snuck back home to Massachusetts. He made to spend a night in the freezing company basement with Seulong. The seventh question was about his nationality. Though he grew up in the U.S. too, he is a Korean national and yes, the star got this question also right.

But surprisingly, he failed to answer the question on his nicknames. He chose the option "Rich Teeth," but the answer was "The Nation's Boyfriend." Ninth question was about his first role in the drama. The actor got the answer right – he played the character Han Jung Woo in his first drama Cinderella's Sister in 2011. The tenth question was about an outfit he has not worn. Taecyeon, who is also called a fashion terrorist, chose the right answer - a backwards baseball cap with a leopard print sweater, ripped jeans, and Nike shoes.

Questions 11-15

The eleventh question was about his dorm arrangement and he got this right too. He shared the dorm with Jun K in 2010 and he slept on the bottom bunk. The next question was about an actress he has not worked with. And he got the answer right – Nam Ji Hyun. The thirteenth question was about his scar and he remembered the incident and said that the scar was the result of arm wrestling with Junho.

Fourteenth question was about Taecyeon's username to log on to 2ONEDAY, an old international forum for fans of 2PM and 2AM. The singer chose the answer Gary. But the right answer was Bert. Fifteenth question was on his dating life. The question was that Girl's Generation Yoona was his rumored girlfriend and the singer had to choose what he did not do with Yoona. He chose the answer "Have couple items," and that was right.

Questions 16-20

The next question was on his surgery and singer chose the wrong answer. He was asked what surgeries he underwent to become an active duty soldier and instead of choosing LASIK eye surgery, Taecyeon chose the wrong answer "surgery to correct a dislocated soldier."

The seventeenth question was what he didn't do as an active duty soldier. He chose the right answer "He was never posted at the DMZ." The eighteenth question was "Which actor has Taecyeon acted with," and he gave the right answer All of the above- Chun Jung Myung, Kim Soo Hyun, and Jung Jae Young. The nineteenth question was "Which English word has Taecyeon blurted out at least once in public," and the answer was "Sheep"! But Taecyeon wrongly chose the answer "Cheese".

The last question was about his language skills. The question was "which four languages Taecyeon learned to say "I love you" in 2009?" Surprisingly, the actor chose the wrong answer "Korean, English, Japanese, French," whereas the right answer was "Korean, English, Chinese, Spanish."

Thus the Vincenzo actor Taecyeon got six answers wrong about himself!