Australian Man Fakes Own Kidnapping by 'Middle Eastern Males' to Hide Affair with Another Woman

Paul Iera
Paul Iera Twitter

An Australian man has been exposed for faking his own kidnapping as an extreme excuse to cheat on his girlfriend.

Paul Iera from New South Wales almost faced jail for his lies after sending a text message to his then-partner saying he was being held hostage by "unknown Middle Eastern males" over a $7,000 dirt bike.

'We Will Keep Him with Us Until the Morning'

"Thank you for sending Paul to me, now payback is a b**** bye bye," read the text message she received on New Year's Eve last year.

"But I'm going to be fare [sic] OK, we will keep him with us until the morning wen [sic] he gives us his bike we call it square, no one's touching him my word I'll give you hun OK," the message continued.

The alarming text message led Iera's partner to alert the police, who then launched a ""high-risk vehicle stop" and spent 200 hours trying to locate the man. He was later found him in his own vehicle the following morning and admitted to fabricating the kidnapping story so he could spend New Year's Eve with another woman.

Iera Ordered to Compensate Police

According to 9 News, Magistrate Michael Ong said: "You chose to send alarming, frightening messages to your partner so you could get some extra time with another partner.

"You thought that would be a great way to do it. Any reasonable person would have gone to the police and that is exactly what happened."

"You are at a point where you need to make a choice. You either take a step back, look at yourself and your circumstances and move towards furthering yourself, or alternatively you will move into a situation where imprisonment will be a very realistic option."

Iera was fined AU $16,000 ($10,200) for wasting police time and an additional AU $550 (£995) for firearm offences. In addition, he was sentenced to a concurrent 18-month Community Correction Order (CCO) for possessing an unauthorised firearm, possessing a prohibited weapon without a permit and possessing ammunition without a licence.