Sweet Home Season 3 Spoilers: Director Shares Crucial Details About Upcoming Sequel

With just three weeks left for the premiere of Sweet Home season 3, director Lee Eung Bok has shared some crucial details about the upcoming sequel. According to him, the viewers can consider the upcoming season as the continuation of season 2. He said the team would finish the story perfectly so the viewers wouldn't get frustrated.

"I'm quite surprised how big the expectation from the viewers. Rather than worry, I found it as affection. I will find the solution with Netflix, I will try harder. I see season 2 as season 3 part 1, we will finish it perfectly so there will be no frustration," the director explained.

Sweet Home season 3, starring Song Kang, Lee Si Young, and Lee Ji Wook, is a highly anticipated K-dramas to premiere in July. The fantasy thriller television series is based on a Naver webtoon of the same name by Hwang Young Chan and Kim Carnby. It follows a loner high school student, whose life takes an unexpected turn after he moves into a new apartment.

The apartment residents get trapped inside a building when monsters break out among humanity. The new season of this Korean apocalyptic horror drama will feature the intense struggles of people caught between humans and monsters after the world shifts to a human era.

Sweet Home season 3
Sweet Home season 3 poster. X/Netflix

Sweet Home Season 3 Spoilers

The newly released poster of the upcoming sequel teases the final battle for the high school boy, who has turned into a half-monster and half-human. Spreading his wings from the scratched concrete walls, Hyun Soo hints at the challenges he will face while trying to regain his human self. The viewers are curious about how the story will conclude after a prolonged battle.

The followers of this fantasy thriller television drama series are eagerly waiting for the new sequel. After watching the teaser video, the viewers shared their thoughts on the third season. Here are a few of them:

  • # Sweethome3's beginning scene in the teaser reminded me of the narration from Sweet Home 1. From Lee Do Hyun to Oh Jung Se, both are ones with knowledge, but the difference is if S1 is told to stay together even with little hope, S3 is an announcement of a new nonhuman.
  • Okay on a serious note, the number of characters showing up in one teaser is dizzying me again, yet I have expectations of the active role of Hyun Soo. It seems that he has his corps now (the neo-human?). I truly hope #SweetHome3 will wrap up well.. giving justice to the main og casts at least.
  • #SweetHome3 Park Chanyoung is someone who refuses to give up on his humanity until the very end. The key is the actions that Chanyoung, who doesn't have a strong will to live, can show when he is with Eunyu.
  • I watched the trailer for the 1736272nth time and noticed a few more things, judging by the outfit, it looks like Hyunsu is chasing that guy with the striped shirt, and overall, we saw it at the end of ep8.
  • My thought for #SweetHome3 is that, if Come Back Home is a spoiler, there is a possibility for Chanyoung to survive. After all, Jamsil Stadium is like a home for baseball pitcher Park Chanyoung. Notice how the background of the S3 trailer is also at the stadium.