Suzy Bae gets drunk and talks about first kiss, ideal male type and weight

Suzy answered saying, "In the past, I liked a person that's sexy."

Suzy Bae posing for Didier Dubot
Suzy Bae posing for Didier Dubot Facebook/MissA.SuzyB

Fans of Suzy Bae were in for surprises when the Miss A star got really drunk and opened up about her personal and love life. Quite a shocker was the revelation that she can stay totally sober even after having a drink too any on favourite soju. Suzy Bae also revealed some stories from the past after getting pretty drunk. On February 1, Dingo Music released "Off the Record, Suzy's "Episode 5. And, in the latest episode Suzy Bae met three close friends of hers on a schedule free night.

She also revealed proudly that she can almost drink two bottles of soju and her face won't turn red. Suzy and her friends decided to play the game of truth where Suzy would have to answer their questions truthfully or she'll have to take a drink. The first question she was asked was, "when was your last kiss?"

Her friends did not back off and continued to bother her by asking, "if you can't tell us about your last kiss, then tell us about your first kiss." To this Suzy sportingly proceeded to answer saying, "My first kiss.. oh I had my first kiss filming a kiss scene on the set of 'Dream High'."

However, her friends refused to believe it and forced Suzy Bae to have another shot of soju. Suzy's friends went on to ask her about her ideal type of man. Suzy answered saying, "In the past, I liked a person that's sexy. I really liked Ian Somerhalder back then. But more recently, I like someone like Choo Sung Hoon. He's strong and looks like he can fight at UFC. I like someone who would be able to protect me."

Suzy's friends even asked about her weight, to which she truthfully revealed, "On my profile, it says I'm 47kg. I weigh more than that. That was my weight back during Bad Girl Good Girl promotions. But do I really have to update that information now?"

Miss A's Suzy Bae also revealed about her happiest times stating: "Not too long ago, I had a fan meeting. I kept crying in the middle of it. I've always wanted to hold a fan-meeting and the fans really like them too."

This article was first published on February 3, 2017