Lee Min Ho to enlist in the military in March or April? Truth revealed

Sports DongA reported that Lee Min Ho will join the military service after a fans' meet in February.

Lee Min Ho
Lee Min Ho's agency clarified that he has not received any notice for the military service yet Reuters

South Korean actor/singer Lee Min Ho's military enlistment reports have been making rounds and fans are not happy about it. The rumours started after Sports DongA reported that Suzy Bae's boyfriend will join the military service after a fans' meet in February.

An alleged source said: "No specific date has been settled yet. We are currently waiting for notification from the MMA. As soon as the official date is given, he will be entering his military service. He is currently preparing for his fan meeting."

However, Min Ho's label have clarified the reports. MYM Entertainment stated: "Lee Min Ho has not received any information about the exact date of his enlistment. He has not even received his notice of admission."

Previously, The Legend of the Blue Sea actor had opened up about his plans on joining the military service. During an interview with Chinese news outlet Sina Entertainment, Min Ho said: "I heard that a fan shaved her hair as a sign that she would wait for me during the years as a soldier."

"I was really touched by her meaningful actions. But unfortunately there are no specific details or plans regarding my enlistment yet. Her hair might have grown back by then," he added.

Min Ho has a huge fan base in many Asian countries, including China, Hong Kong and Thailand. He is known for his roles in television drama Boys Over Flowers, popular movie Gangnam Blues and music video My Everything.