Suzy Bae earns a fortune from advertising contracts, singer reveals childhood hardship

Reportedly, the 22-year-old singer earns minimum 700 million Won per commercial

Suzy Bae posing for Didier Dubot
Suzy Bae posing for Didier Dubot Facebook/MissA.SuzyB

Singer-actress Suzy Bae is among the top celebrities in the entertainment industry in South Korea. Reportedly, the 22-year-old singer earns minimum 700 million Won per commercial. And, since her acting debut in the 2012 film "Architecture 101" she did more than 30 commercials.

According to Koreaboo, tvN reported Monday that Suzy Bae earned more than 10 billion Won in total solely from her advertising contracts. The singer-actress' label JYP Entertainment previously stated about Suzy's earnings, they confirmed that as a solo artist she's made 10,000,000,000 KRW (approximately $19.1 million USD).

According to allKpop,"Of course, she does that by herself, through just the CFs alone," said J.Y. Park on MBC's "Radio Star" in 2013." The CEO of JYP mentioned Suzy as the top-profit makers of the company in 2016.

The actress' father revealed how much priority she gives to her family. She is a 'filial daughter' and her father revealed it in a video message for SBS' "Healing Camp" in 2013. Her father stated: "Suzy bought her mother a cafe and later on bought a better car."

"Even though she's really busy, she would call and text her siblings and parents. She takes care of us really well. I'm so proud," her father further added.

Suzy had a tough childhood as her father earned his living as a taekwondo director and her mom had a beauty shop business which she later turned to Korean fast food business. Revealing the tough times Suzy said: "As it's hard to run that kind of business, I always felt sad."

The singer further added, "The house we were at before was really small for five people." Suzy also added: "I wanted to move to a better place, but mom said that having a good good house wasn't necessary. That's why, I got us a slightly bigger house so we're at least comfortable."

This article was first published on February 1, 2017