Suspected Paedophile Stabs Himself in Neck During Live Video; Gets Arrested For Grooming 14-Year-Old

A suspected pedophile stabbed himself in the neck after he was confronted by a group of people during a Facebook Live streaming in Kirkby. The injured man was later arrested on the suspicion of grooming a minor.

Police at St Chad’s Drive in Kirkby Twitter

Man's Condition Stable

The video, which has surfaced on multiple social media sites despite being banned by Facebook, shows the suspected pedophile, wearing a white shirt and black pants, opening a car's door and pulling out a knife. He then places the sharp blade on his neck.

The person recording the video is seen repeatedly warning him as he places the blade on his neck. "No, No, No. Get that off now. I have told the police now." Another man is seen trying to snatch away the knife from the 55-year-old. Second later the man is seen moving the sharp blade across the neck causing it to cut and bleed.

As the onlookers try to move away from the bleeding man holding the knife, a passerby punches him from behind causing him to fall in the bushes nearby. A man is then seen trying to snatch away the knife again as the suspected pedophile continues to stab his neck.

Liverpoolecho reported that the man, whose name was not released by the authorities, was taken to hospital after being detained by police on St Chad's Drive. His condition is stated to be stable.

The outlet further reported that Merseyside Police confirmed the Kirkby man arrested on suspicion of grooming a child under 14 and possession of a bladed article.

Social Media Reacts

Soon after the video went viral, social media users reacted. "Fella got confronted in Kirkby by amateur nonce-hunters and the dude whipped out a knife and slit his own throat on the spot. Mental. Obviously can't post the video, but fucking hell," tweeted a user.

Fella slit his own throat in Kirkby, after he was caught turning up to meet a child he's groomed online, not a nice video but fuck him.

"Seen that video of the nonce slitting his own throat in Kirkby. No sympathy for him. Scary thing is he was thinking he was going to meet a kid and he was carrying a knife like that," read another tweet.