Super Junior's Kyuhyun Opens Up About Past Breakup; Explains Why He Regrets It

While speaking at JTBC's Mystical Record Shop, Super Junior's Kyuhyun opened up about his past break up.

Fans are always curious about the personal life of their favorite Kpop stars. Super Junior's Kyuhyun spoke to JTBC about his past breakup and his version of regret has shocked the fans. While answering questions, Kyuhyun gave his own example and explained why his way of breakup turned out to be a regret.

Kyuhyun took part in JTBC's Mystical Record Shop show when, MC Yoon Jong Shin asked him "How do you break up with someone?" To this, Kyuhyun was quick to respond and he said: "You have to talk about it, of course."

Super Junior's Kyuhyun
Super Junior's Chi Kyuhyun with his nephews. Instagram

Hearing this, the three MCs started staring at him in silence. Kyuhyun started laughing and asked them: "Why are you all looking at me?" MC Yoon Joon Shin again asked Kyuhyun if he had not broken up with anyone?

Kyuhyun said, "No, I've been dumped before. I feel like you should probably meet with someone in person or call them on the phone to break up with them." He was referring to people breaking up over a text message or a phone call.

Ways of Breaking Up

To lighten the mood, Yoon Jong Shin said that his generation always made it sure to meet up while breaking up. But it looked like Kyuhyun had had an enlightenment. He recalled the incident when he broke up with his girlfriend.

"When I was dumped in my first year of high school, my ex told me over the phone, 'Let's break up.' So I said, 'No, let's meet in person and talk about it, even if we do end up breaking up," Kyuhyun had suggested.

Thus, they met but that meeting is what Kyuhyun regrets. "So we met up, but I realized that in the end, you become even sadder if you meet in person," he said. Thus, his conclusion was "It actually might be better to just end things over the phone," quite contrary to what he had told in the beginning.

Cho Kyu Hyun, popularly known as Kyuhyun, is a singer, musical theatre actor and television host. He is also one of the first four Korean artists to be featured in Chinese postage stamps. Super Junior's latest release was musical Phantom. Kyuhyun was cast in the titular role of Phantom alongside Park Eun Tae, Kai, and Jeon Dong Seok.

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