Hater Asks Super Junior's Heechul to Die, Singer-Presenter Gives Befitting Reply And Wins Hearts

Super Junior's Heechul in July 2020 had shared that he will show no leniency to malicious comments and told that he had complained about such comments

Super junior's Heechul [Kim Hee Chul] is in news as he is winning hearts for giving a befitting reply to a hater on his Instagram story. In a malicious comment, one of the haters of Heechul replied to the "Korean Beef Video" of the singer and asked the singer to die. Heechul decided to give it back to the hater and confidently said that he will not kill himself.

The comment from the hater read: "Why are you reposting eating Korean beef after 4 days? Stop flexing. F***. Please go kill yourself..I can't even with that selfishness. Please kill yourself.." The post continued and hater went on to say: "Fans are even saving their public transportation fares to buy your album and you are showing off f****** Korean beef. You never think about giving back to your fans. What are you f****** good at except your pretty face."

Kim Hee Chul of Super Junior boy band. Instagram

Complaint Against malicious Comments

Heechul plainly wrote "Well I won't kill myself" on the screenshot of the messages he received. Soon, netizens started flooding the singer's Insta account with supportive messages. Heechul is an ambassador of promoting Korean Beef and the video he had posted on his Instastory was a part of the promotion activity.

In July 2020 too Heechul showed that he will not spare anyone who posts malicious comments. On July 22, he took to Instagram and shared that he had submitted complaint against alleged violation of the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection. "I'm showing no leniency. Even if there's a settlement, I will be giving everything to my lawyer. I won't stop here and will keep catching malicious commenters," his message had read.

From Irene to Lee Min Ho Facing Hate Messages

Off late, malicious comments on Kpop and Kdrama stars online are on the rise. Recently, The King Eternal Monarch star Lee Min Ho too warned of legal actions against malicious comments on his social media accounts. In another incident, after former AOA member Kwon Mina revealed that she was bullied by senior member of the group, Ji Min. Ji Min ended up receiving a lot of hate messages and at least she even left the group and quit the industry.

Currently, Irene of Red Velvet group is facing malicious comments following a post by one of the stylists attending the singer claiming that Irene was rude to her and humiliated her. The issue has become so severe that Red Velvet cancelled its fan meeting and pulled out of Korean Cultural festival because of the hate messages received on social media.

Some starts receive hate messages following an untoward incident, but some receive it without even inciting the netizens by wrong actions. This is what happened to Heechul, who decided to reply to the same and showed that when the issue posed by haters is not genuine, the star's image cannot be defamed.